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06 May / 2020

Guide to Design a Circular Logo from a Logo Design Company

Logo Design Company India

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Let’s start today’s article with a fun game. Close your eyes and quickly recall some brand logos. ...Time’s up! Your brain must be filled with a lot of logo designs and shapes but we can guess each of you has recalled at least one or two (or even more!) logos that have a circular design. Magic? Not really! Actually, circular logos are one of the much-used and most acknowledged logo forms these days. Various businesses are using such shapes to enjoy the benefits of their round a...
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23 Apr / 2020

Create an Impactful Logo Following the Neuro Design Principles

logo design company india

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A new wave is hitting the logo design industry – neuro design. The professionals are experimenting with this recent buzz to create an impactful logo and grab eyeballs of the target audience. If you are not yet introduced to this, it is high time to learn all about it. What is neuro design? Why is everyone discussing it? And of course, how to master it? You will find answers to all the questions in this blog. So, keep reading! What is Neuro Design You already know that to capture the atte...
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