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WebGuru offers highly affordable solutions to your outsourcing needs. We offer exclusive offshore staffing and outsourcing packages to enhance business productivity.

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Offshore Staffing

Offshore staffing, or employee leasing, is the process of indirectly recruiting full-time professionals for your ongoing business needs. Instead of recruiting professionals directly into your workforce, you engage personnel employed with another company. This is similar to outsourcing but is a more budget-friendly solution. It can save you considerable costs that would have otherwise been spent on the recruitment process, setting up infrastructure and supervising work.

Efficient and Seamless Offshore Staffing Services!

When you have ongoing projects requiring skilled, full-time employees, yet are unwilling to invest in the process of hiring a new team, offshore staffing is the right option for you. Most companies are opting for employee leasing these days as it is a flexible option for project execution and achieving business objectives.

If you need High Quality Offshore Staff Leasing for your web design and web programming projects, WebGuru Infosystems can provide you a premium quality service within your budget.

We have been providing team leasing solutions for years across India and overseas, catering to small, medium as well large scale businesses. Our staff are recruited after stringent selection processes. We have high-end equipment and communication mediums that help you keep tab on the progress of your projects.

High Quality Offshore Outsourcing Services within 7 Days from Order!

We can provide you offshore staff in the following roles:

  • Web Designers
  • Flash Animators
  • PHP / MySQL Programmers
  • Graphic Designer
Categories Working Hours per month Hiring charge per month
Web Designer 176 $1200 / Month
PHP Programmer 176 $1200 / Month

Offshore Development Services: Terms and Conditions

  • We deploy human resource to work a minimum of 3 months on your ongoing projects.
  • We take a minimum of 7 days for staffing following order placement.
  • Our employees work 8 hours per day, 5 days in a week. They work 176 hours over 22 business days.
  • Our employees remain in our payroll while working from our offices in India.
  • We assure regular communication between our employees and your project managers/supervisors for smooth execution of projects.
  • Payment terms: $600 USD on day 1 of the month. $600 USD on the 15th day of the month.
  • Should our staff work less than 22 days in a month, we will make necessary adjustments in our Invoice for the next month.
  • Offshore staffing contract is renewable at the time of expiry of contract at the end of 3 months.

WebGuru Infosystems offshore outsourcing services are the most cost-effective solution for your outsourcing needs. Order our offshore staffing package to increase your business productivity, today!


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Quote MarkThe team that was assigned to my project was excellent.They worked hard to make sure we were communicating consistently and there were no language issues (which have occurred with other vendors I have used).They kept a strict timeline and kept the project on budget.When I changed things mid-stream, they adjusted quickly and provided alternatives which actually saved time and money. I appreciate it.Quote Mark1

CornerStone Select Resources Group,LLC

David Doran, United States

Quote MarkLooks great. I enjoyed working with you. I am impressed with the service you have provided so far. Prompt, patient, courteous, and informative. In the future I will have clients who may need website design & development so I will definitely use WebGuru.Quote Mark1


Digi Lynk

Cleve Dennis, Arlington

Quote MarkDear WebGuru Infosystems - I would like to write this letter to point out the tremendously positive experience I've had with the development of Discovering and my business with your firm. Congratulations on the accomplishments of your teams, as great customer service + skills is almost impossible to find these days and your professionalism has been extremely positive.Quote Mark1


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Justin Cohen, Colombia

Quote MarkWebGuru, Great job ! Your service and responsiveness is excellent. I'm a very happy repeat customer. The value for money is tremendous. It's always a pleasure working with you every time. The final product is of very high quality. I'll get back to you soon.Quote Mark1


Ishkonigan Inc.

Bob Goulais, Canada

Quote MarkI would also like to say Hi to you and your team on behalf of our team. We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to you for the good and professional work done for us. Your work is now under full scale circulation in the market as our corporate identity. We are very satisfied with your services. If any time in the future, has any such need comes, we will directly come to you only.Quote Mark1


Aivot Consultancy Private Limited.

Jayesh S, Mumbai