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12 May / 2011 536 views

4 Simple Design Tips To Boost Your Conversion

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You seem hell bent on seeing a steady and uninterrupted growth in traffic volume but this is where you make the wrong move. You are blatantly ignoring another equally important thing – yes it is the design. People are much into the habit of forming a quick impression of a product or website by looking at its design. So, if you aspire to see a sizable growth in the conversion rate of your website, you should take into considerations these website design tips:

An Inviting Look: Look and feel of your website should offer an welcoming experience. Do not try to seduce the readers with a blazing background with a glowing red button clamoring for the attention of the readers. Keep things sober and do not over optimize your website from marketing perspective.

Do not bore your readers with a long and seemingly never ending content. People hate such things. Keep it short and compact. Speak directly and try to use some active words or phrases such as “Sign Up”, “Browse”, “Learn”, “Ask” and avoid using such words like “we”, “our” etc. Address directly, it is far more effective than using circumlocution.

Call To Action: Do not confuse your readers by adding multiple call to action buttons or sections. Do not let the users stand motionless in the middle of your online store overwhelmed with choices. You should add “Learn More”, “Compare”, “Suggestion” etc to help the users make the next move with confidence.

Make The Conversion Steps Simple: Overtly complex conversion steps will drive away the visitors. Do not ask too many questions if they are not absolutely needed. You can try Google Analytics funnel visualization report to track exactly where you are losing your visitors. Do not ask any confidential information and try to make your website look like an authority website.

Define Your Goal: – Set your goals first before you take your gloves off. You can set email registration or completed sales as goals but it depends on you. After defining your goals, you need to find out why people are leaving your website in the middle after triggering a goal conversion.

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