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30 Mar / 2011 964 views

4 Ways to Make Your About Me Page Interesting

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The Internet today, is the hub of interactivity and communication. Having an interesting site that relates to its audience will benefit your business many times more than a cold, sterile information source. A website’s personality has great impact over its audience. An ‘About Me’ page not only gives your site personality, but is an essential aspect of your website design.

As the name suggests, an ‘About Me’ page is supposed to talk about you, the site owner. Your biographical information should help you make a personal connection with your readers.

Following are some easy tips that will help you make your About Me page engrossing to your readers:

1. Answers: Your About Me page should answer the three basic questions – who are you, how you can help the visitor, and how you can be contacted.

  • Who are you? A personal introduction is a good start off. Your narrative should be as it would be if you were introducing yourself to a stranger. A personal narrative starting off with “I am…” is effective for a personal website/blog. Professional websites can introduce themselves in third person…“WebGuru India is…”
    Keep your introduction short and simple, or as much is required to help readers connect to you and your product. You may refrain from putting down too much information like your first car, favorite color, etc.
  • How you can help the visitor? Any visitor to your website will primarily want to answer one question… “What’s in it for me?” By telling the visitor how you can help him/her, you are answering their question, only in a roundabout, personal manner. This is okay, since in all likelihood you already have a sales page in place that talks about product benefits in very definite terms.
    If visitors have clicked on your About Me page, it is because they are interested to know more about you. Come across amiably while explaining your services, and let your sales copy take care of the business.
  • How you can be contacted? You can have a separate Contact Me page, or include your contact details in the About Me page. Adding a social media link to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Flickr pages is smart, especially if you are promoting a professional brand. Just make sure you have a professional product or self image in place, instead of a random stock image.

2. Photo: A photo can never go wrong. It just makes your site that much more authentic. Besides, it is safe to assume, if users want to know more about you, they will hardly object to your photo. In fact, your photo shows you are opening up to your audience, and gives them another way to connect with you.

There are many ways to include your photo: you can upload a reliable professional photo, or choose from childhood, to funny, to activity, to fashionable photos depending on your intended audience and your site.

Example: If you have a site on pets, it is a good idea to upload a photo of you and your pet dog/parrot/cat together. You would want to avoid photos where you are seen in surfer’s clothes. Your image and your site’s personality just don’t mix in this case.

Note: photos should be that of your face or be full-bodied photos. Avoid a random photo of your foot, hand, half face, or a stock photo.

3. Cross-Promotion: Often times, your About Me page is the first page a visitor will click after arriving on your home page. You can use your About Me page to drive visitors to your other site pages, or personal posts, that you are particularly proud of. This also helps your site’s internal linking.

4. Indented Listing: Not many are aware of this, but indented linking can drive more traffic to your site. By listing your About Me page as the second page directly under your main page on Google’s search page, you are ensuring web users click on your website.

The logic is simple: a personalized page piques curiosity, hence more clickable, and therefore can be used to full advantage in drawing traffic. Of course, your page will have to be within the first 10 Google search results for a particular keyword, to make sure this happens.

Start off by optimizing your About Me page. Use the same keyword from another page on your website which ranks within top 10 organic results. Link your About Me page to that page and create an anchor text on that page to link to your About Me page. If you can get inbound links from other sites, all the more better.

An About Me page is the face of your website. In life, we all feel uncomfortable talking to strangers lurking in shadows. Your site, without an About Me page, has the same effect on visitors.

Most sites have an About Me page. Your visitors will be expecting one on your site too. Sometimes it is good to stay with convention and not try anything too creative or radical.

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