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6 Drupal Modules To Give Boost To Your Website’s Functionality

  • 07 Jan / 2011

Drupal is one of those few powerful content management systems that can do almost anything that is thrown at it. It is free and it comes loaded with numerous modules, add-ons etc that make managing a website almost a breeze. But before integrating them into your website, you need to have a fair understanding of their features. You may bark up the wrong tree if you fail to figure out which Drupal modules are good for the health of your website and which are not. Unless you have fair authority on Drupal, you are bound to make mistakes.

Here in this article, we are going to include some of the best Drupal development that can give boost to your website’s functionality:

Automatic Nodetitles
It is a small but highly efficient Drupal module that lets users generate titles of content based on a number of different criteria such as user’s name, date of creation, parent node etc.

With Image Drupal module, moderator can define and adjust the size of any images uploaded by any user. ImageCache is an extension of Image Drupal module as it lets you set up presets of image processing like desaturating color, resizing images, sharpening, scaling, resizing by aspect ratio, rotating, cropping etc.

This is another useful Drupal development that you should integrate in your website to monitor spam and submissions, which are against the submission guidelines. If you integrate this module in your website, users will be able to flag content that they found offensive or inappropriate. It is a big time saver and it is highly effective.

If you want to add visibility to your website, keywords need to be added in certain nodes such as posts, announcements, pages etc. This module will let you specify key phrases on a node-by-node basis. Moreover, you can even track website’s performance on those keywords via Google Analytics or Drupal core’s statistics-tracking feature.

This Drupal module comes equipped with a simple drag-and-drop interface that lets users order any queue manually. In addition to that, with Nodequeue, you will be able to add and remove nodes from the queues even if you do not have any permission to edit the node. Nodes can be collected by users in an arbitrary ordered list if you integrate this module.

Organic Groups
If you wish to create mini communities centered on specific issues in your website, this Drupal module can come in handy. Organic Groups let your users create and maintain public and private groups. Users can post messages directly in these groups if they wish so. You can encourage communication in your website by integrating this Drupal module.

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