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A Light over the Popularity of JavaScript

  • 02 Aug / 2011

Today’s web application development is not bound with simple information exhibition. It comes with more interactive things. Efficiency is counted here on how attractively you showcase the data in a website in a user-friendly atmosphere. Some basic web development needs bring JavaScript with more significant weight in web-design issues.

JavaScript Exhibits Maximum Information in a Region which Occupies Fewer Pixels Onscreen:

Some examples:

  • News ticker
    It is a frequently used JavaScript component to show news-headlines in a nicer way. Generally it includes some arrows or scrollbar to navigate between different newsblock.
  • Menus
    menus are essential most part for any website. Today nice looking user friendly menus are widely accepted everywhere.
  • accordian
    This things are very commonly known as collapsed menu. It shows only one HTML block at a time and minimizes the other blocks while showing particular one block
  • interactive slideshow
    These are short image galleries with some descriptions. User can navigate between two images by clicking arrows and buttons

Rich interactive Application
This kind of application works with lots of HTML form elements. Today simple HTML form, which contains traditional input box, check box, radio buttons are behind in the race of Javascript input tools

  • animated Form element
    Many times normal form elements are unable to draw attention of users. A bit more crispy animation and effect will upgrade the thing to a more efficiently
  • product feature compare application
    product comparison is a vital thing in many websites, where product choosing methodology is verey very significant. For example a mobile manufacturer company want to show the differences between two mobile hand set in a very catchy way by using colors animation and good tabular format. So here this application is having a good priority
  • tabbed pane
    It is same as the accordion by functionality but the look and feel is some different
  • map application
    Map application is a interactive tool to exhibit statistical data in a more easy to use way.

HTML5 Canvas application used for drawing application
CANVAS tag is the next generation online-dynamic-graphics building platform. It doesn’t need any third party plugin like Flash and it is equally powerful to draw graphics on the screen. User can draw something on it and in future it will acquire more popularity in online product-designing apps.

  • AJAX is a robust tool to work with with-out-refresh data transfer technology. It creates more new scope to work on.
    Ajax mainly used where we need to load a set of data and we don’t want to refresh the page at all. Page will remain as it was but data will keep updated after some time or after some event.
  • Non-flash animated website for apple products
    IPAD IPHONE allows only javascript
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