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26 Sep / 2014

Importance of Mobile E-Commerce in the Present Day World

Posted by : Under : Ecommerce Web Design Services, Mobile Web Design 2 Comments

Till a few years back, responsive design was only considered as a 'nice-to-have' feature and clients paid less amount of attention towards making their sites responsive. However, with the advent of the year 2014, responsive websites have become primary tools for businesses to maintain their online presence. Online retail happens to be an area which has lagged way behind when it comes to offering customers with an easy-to-use, modern interface. In fact, there are many retailers including big ...
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23 Sep / 2014

Common Mistakes that Occur While Designing for Mobile

Posted by : Under : Mobile Web Design, Website Design Services 1 Comment

The advent of smartphones and tablets has led to rapid internet usage on these devices as compared to traditional devices like desktops and laptops. There is no doubt about the fact that internet usage will continue to grow on mobile devices and web designers need to focus more and more on how they can offer the users with an enhanced experience. However, simply thinking about the users is not going to do any good as you also need to focus on rectifying the mistakes that are usually committed wh...
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18 Sep / 2014

Separate Mobile Version or a Responsive Website?

Posted by : Under : Mobile Web Design, Responsive Web Design Services 2 Comments

The way the internet is accessed in the present day world has vastly changed from what it was until a decade back. The advent of smartphones and tablets has made it easier for people to access the web even when they are on the move. However, despite increased browsing, the conversion rates through mobile devices haven’t matched up to their desktop counterparts thus, leaving room for further improvement when it comes to mobile experience. Online merchants are now in a dilemma whether to des...
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28 Feb / 2014

Innovative Web design Techniques for Mobile Devices

Posted by : Under : Mobile Web Design No Comments

At one point in time creation of mobile web design with feel and look of native apps had been a distant dream. However, the latest developments and innovations have paved an easy way for well-designed apps. The main aim of these techniques are to make sure that the websites are adaptive and provide great user experience, no matter what the screen size. Different device capabilities are also targeted through the website designs which has made some mobile designs that are quiet advanced work reall...
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25 Jun / 2013

Designing Mobile Website Gets Easier with Google GoMo

Posted by : Under : Mobile Web Design No Comments

The advancement and growth of the mobile industry has indeed triggered a number of business owners to design and develop mobile compatible sites for reaching out to the world. Recent researches have shown that the number of people using the Smartphone for browsing websites is slated to grow as against desktop/laptop usage. Since, the devices allow you to stay connected anytime and anywhere on the go, more and more people are relying upon their Smartphone, iPad, tablets, etc for browsing sites or...
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14 Jun / 2013

Realizing the Need for Mobile Website Optimization

Posted by : Under : Mobile Web Design 1 Comment

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13 Apr / 2013

Creating a Mobile Website: Why and How?

mobile website design

Posted by : Under : Mobile Web Design 3 Comments

It goes without saying that internet access has become very important nowadays, whether you are seeking information or need to get connected on a social platform. The latest buzz on the blocks is mobile internet, thanks to the number of updated versions of Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices being added to the consumer market every passing day. Now, in order to retain their brand image, it is vital for businesses to develop user-friendly websites across a mobile platform, for the conve...
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22 Nov / 2010

Mobile Website Testing Tools To Check Mobile Friendliness Of Your Website


Posted by : Under : Mobile Web Design 4 Comments

Smartphones are everywhere and their plummeting price is encouraging people to have this amazing device in their hands. The rise of the smartphone has a direct impact on the ever-evolving mobile website design and development industry as an increasing number of people are now accessing Internet through it and that means, if you do not lose this huge chunk of traffic, you need to have a prominent presence in this sector. However, ensuring an impressive presence in different mobile devices is not ...
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15 Sep / 2010

Inspiring mobile web designs for a mobile web designer

Posted by : Under : Mobile Web Design 1 Comment

Mobile web design might not be your cup of tea but it is the latest trend that is too powerful to ignore. Just look around you and you will be in for a surprise. People are now finding mobile surfing more comfortable, easy and convenient than carrying their hefty laptop or so-called slimy netbook as the later option is almost next to impossible when you are on the fly. This is what has propelled the popularity of mobile web design in every sphere of our lives. But there are innumerable varieties...
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10 Sep / 2008

Mobile Web Design and Its Prospects

Posted by : Under : Mobile Web Design 4 Comments

Today, we can use our mobile phones as a resourceful medium to connect to the Internet quickly. Whether we are looking for a fashion website or a real estate one, we can easily browse websites in the little device. There has been a complete shift from the traditional aspect of website designing in the recent times. Mobile web designs are becoming more popular due to the increasing figure of users who access the web from mobile sets. In fact, the new trend of web designing has changed the scena...
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