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29 Jun / 2019

The Benefits Of A Materialize Responsive Framework

Benefits Of A Materialize Responsive Framework

Posted by : Under : Responsive Web Design Services 2 Comments

The growing competitiveness of the digital medium has made user experience (UX) the principal differentiator for websites and web/mobile applications to garner leads and drive conversions. No wonder the website design services are looking at responsive frameworks to design websites that are compatible across devices. In other words, users browsing websites across a plethora of device platforms (smartphones, tablets, notebooks, desktops, and laptops) should enjoy a seamless experience unhindered ...
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23 Dec / 2016

Top 10 Tips to Create a Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile Friendly Website

Posted by : Under : Responsive Web Design Services 12 Comments

The expected growth in the number of global mobile users for the year 2017 is around 4.77 billion. By the year 2019, it is expected to surpass the mark of 5 billion. This figure will be equivalent to 67 percent of the global population. Going by these predictive statistics, we can assume a simple fact that mobile devices are growing in popularity and the trend is not going to lose intensity in the coming years. This is why development of mobile-friendly websites is high on priority. Below mentio...
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05 Dec / 2016

Taking a Reverse Approach to Design with Mobile-first Strategy

Mobile First Design

Posted by : Under : Responsive Web Design Services 7 Comments

If you are of the opinion that mobile is the future, you are living under a rock. This notion was valid until about, say, 3 years ago; the world has moved on quite a bit in the past few years when it comes to internet usage and web interactions. Looking at a few statistics, we can see that there are more than 1.2 billion mobile web users around the world and 25% of the entire population of the USA browse the web using mobile ‘only’. With this kind of mobile usage, it would be more justified ...
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07 Nov / 2016

Responsive Website Design and Accessibility – Are They Related?

Responsive Website Design

Posted by : Under : Responsive Web Design Services 6 Comments

Websites serve as a viable source of information in today’s world. Imagine a world where you visit a website but do not get the information you were looking for. Or perhaps the website failed to load properly, thus leaving you with an even more bitter experience. This is especially applicable in the case of mobile devices as websites are more prone to losing out functionality. However, people do not like to compromise on their web browsing experience, which is why mobile adaptability and respo...
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19 May / 2016

An Overview of Bootstrap Framework

Bootstrap framework

Posted by : Under : Responsive Web Design Services 5 Comments

The Web nowadays, is not something that can only be seen on desktops, rather we now carry it in our pockets. This is now a global trend, which is more to grow in the time to come. So, the odds are that many people may have not seen the desktop version of certain websites, as they access the web only through their smartphones. Hence, to cover all potential consumers, a website needs to be scalable across varying screen size for the best experience, both through looks and functions. Further, the c...
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03 Feb / 2016

Reasons Why Your Business Requires Website with Responsive Layouts

Responsive Website Layout

Posted by : Under : Responsive Web Design Services 4 Comments

Every business requires a website for ensuring its progress and resultant success. But, today it is not just about looking good on the monitor of a desktop computer. Swift progress in the extensive field of Mobile Technology has led several portable devices including Smartphones and Tablets etc. to become the inseparable parts of modern-generation lifestyle. In this fast-paced modern world, people do not wait to go home for going online, since these advanced portable devices can do everything th...
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17 Sep / 2015

Mobile App or Mobile Website – How to Make a Choice?

mobile app vs mobile website

Posted by : Under : Mobile App Development Services, Responsive Web Design Services 2 Comments

The fast paced advancement in technology, the continuous emergence of sophisticated smart phones and a high speed internet access; these factors have completely transformed the way users now browse the Internet. This redefined user interaction has influenced many companies to shift towards ‘Mobile First’ approach for their business. Know the Basics: A Mobile website or a responsive website involves designing the website for optimized display across multiple screen sizes and devices ...
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07 Jul / 2015

Why Google Recommends Building Mobile Optimized Websites

google mobile friendly update

Posted by : Under : Responsive Web Design Services 5 Comments

Google lately rolled out the mobile-friendly update or 'Mobilegeddon' which it has been talking about for quite a few months. It takes a clear stance on mobile Search Engine Optimization practices and talks about a change to the search engine algorithms which as a ranking signal now impacts on a website’s mobile presence. To put across simply, a website needs to be usable on a Smartphone. This includes elements, for instance, readable text without having the requirement of zoom, sufficien...
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28 Jan / 2015

What will Influence Responsive Website Design in 2015?

Posted by : Under : Responsive Web Design Services No Comments

Dynamism is one feature that is integrally related to responsive websites. This means that the site will adapt to the screen size from which it is being viewed. Those related to online businesses know how important it is to study the behavior of the regular website users. If you are still asking why use responsive design, then you are clearly denying the latest trends in website design. Studies show how the percentage of mobile device usage has increased in the last few years. Owing to this reas...
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18 Sep / 2014

Separate Mobile Version or a Responsive Website?

Posted by : Under : Mobile Web Design, Responsive Web Design Services 2 Comments

The way the internet is accessed in the present day world has vastly changed from what it was until a decade back. The advent of smartphones and tablets has made it easier for people to access the web even when they are on the move. However, despite increased browsing, the conversion rates through mobile devices haven’t matched up to their desktop counterparts thus, leaving room for further improvement when it comes to mobile experience. Online merchants are now in a dilemma whether to des...
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