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CNN’s New Website Design: Take A Close Look

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The fresh new look of CNN reflects what you could term as its bold attempt to redefine the way people used to read news. It has made its website more interactive, more innovative and even more engaging by giving more importance to videos. What is all the more amazing about CNN’s new website design is that users are given a chance to personalize CNN’s website in the way they like.

Clean and Fresh Look: – CNN’s new website looks absolutely clean, beautiful, balanced, well-structured and user-friendly. In fact, it has everything in it to seize the attention of even causal visitors. It has a charismatic appeal that encourages visitors to scan the entire page to gather information on a variety of topics. CNN’s previous design was not at all up to the mark. It looked somewhat cluttered and the articles were squeezed forcefully into small space. But, the new layout is like a breather for most users. It looks clean, cool and its new interface has embraced all the modern web design techniques.

Inspiration From Grid: – The new interface of CNN clearly shows that it is inspired by grid structure but specific alignment structure that is closely associated with grid system is notably missing in CNN’s new look. CSS that is used in CNN’s new website has a number of similarities with Blueprint framework. However, the alignment of different elements in CNN’s website is completely different from that of grid layout, but it is far better than its previous version.

Better Header Section: – The good thing about the CNN’s new layout is that its header section is much improved than its earlier version. It looks prominent and it oozes out a sense of authority that can hardly be overlooked. Its horizontal navigation bar appears modern and clean. Moreover, the login links, signup options and the search box are posited exactly in the in the top-right corner. What is all the more interesting about CNN’s header section is the unique positioning of logo. It is not everyday that you can see a logo positioned right into the middle of a website header. Though the concept does not go in line with the website design standard, it seems fine with CNN.

Use of Space: – Below the primary ad unit, on the right hand side of the page, a new feature has been added – Content Switcher that will allow visitors to get quick view of different content without browsing through the entire site. It takes less space and thereby gives unlimited scopes to the website designers to utilize other section for other fruitful tasks.

Emphasis on Video: – CNN has always given importance to videos in its website so that visitors can find this website more interactive than other websites. A new section “NewsPulse” (Beta) is added in its menu where visitors can have quick view of different videos in a single glance.

The new interface of CNN is much more beautiful, engaging and user-friendly than ever. Just take you time and browse through its different sections if you want to explore more about its new design.

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    I am a regular reader of CNN and i am glad that it is being well represented here. I am thrilled to go through the post and i like the way you have analyzed CNN’s new look.

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    Love the new face! Hopefully this will show Chris the importance of a good website!

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    Amazing! Its genuinely awesome article, I have got much clear idea from this post.

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