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Corporate Website Design

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Business enterprises or private organizations use corporate websites for their promotional purposes. It is a tool that provides information to the people on a particular business firm. In the true sense, this type of a professional website is used to improve online communication between an organization and its public.

Uses of Corporate Website Design

A good designing sense is necessary for the creation of a corporate website. It adds value to the corporate images and thus in the long term benefits the enterprise and its clients. However, before making such websites, it is always advisable to set the goals in advance. Readership of a business website basically consists of a collection of small special interest groups. Taking into consideration the requirements of those special interest group corporate sites should be made.

Art of Designing Corporate Website

Certain rules should be maintained during the corporate website formation. The main guidelines are mentioned below:

  • Keep the corporate site small.
  • Thorough optimization of important images. It is always suggested to eliminate the excess graphic images.
  • Keep the navigational structure simple, so that readers can easily access it.
  • Do not make your site heavy with unnecessary information.
  • Try to make the site attractive to the visitors.
  • Use search engine friendly optimization techniques.
  • The entire site should possess easy accessibility.
  • The corporate site should essentially be interactive in nature.
  • A Corporate website often provide information regarding corporate world, balance sheet, shares, press releases, advertisements and so on.

Corporate Website – Benefits

There are several reasons behind the popularity of a corporate web design. Some of its key benefits are listed below:

  • Reduction of marketing cost
  • Reduction of publishing cost
  • Reduction of communication cost
  • Enhances operation hours
  • Expand the market
  • Establishes professional image
  • Make people aware of your goods and services
  • Creates long-lasting strategy of design
  • Makes the organization look bigger
  • Present the company in such a way so that it looks different from all other business organizations

Guidelines for a Corporate Website Designer

A corporate website designer should incorporate certain columns and sections in a corporate website. Those important sections are as follows:

  • Guest Books
  • Contact Page
  • Message Boards
  • Photo Albums
  • Site Map
  • Links Page
  • Mailing List
  • Calendar
  • Site Map
  • FAQ Page
  • Articles
  • Area Map
  • Press Releases
  • Careers
  • Customer Feedback Form
  • Auto Responder

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WebGuru Infosystems

WebGuru Infosystems

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