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16 Apr / 2009 993 views

Current Style In Web Design

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Style and trend are tightly linked with each other in the domain of website design because both refer to a general tendency to change. Sometimes, change is spurred by technological innovation and sometimes it is stimulated by a general consensus to depart from the set pattern. This often generates a fresh new look and helps to promote simplicity. Actually, simplicity is the latest trend in the field of web design. It has almost become a key to make a website user-friendly but it should not be done at the cost of attractiveness. A harmonious blending of the concepts of simplicity and attractive look is needed for generating a modern look, which is obviously the current style in web design.

The concept and the technology associated with web design are continually evolving and thereby making websites more attractive and visually appealing. It has been observed that a large section of great websites have some basic or common features. We would like to discuss some of these features in this section for making it easier for the inquisitive readers to grasp with the changing trend in the sphere of web design.

  • Simple Layout
    A large number of web designers are opting for simple layout and they have come up with some good reasons to justify it. First of all, a simple layout does not baffle a visitor, whereas a complex layout leads to unnecessary complications, which makes it difficult for a visitor to navigate.
  • Centered orientation
    Another conspicuous feature of modern web design trend is that almost all of them are aligned center. Gone are the days of fixed width layout with left-alignment. However in present day, content of a website goes straight to the center. Apart from left-aligned layouts, full-width layouts or liquid layouts have also become less popular due to this trend.
  • Website Alignment

  • Content Should Get The Attention
    The basic objective of website design is not all about making a website presentable but it is mainly about building up an effective communication. This is the reasons why modern website designers are giving less attentions to designing the background; rather they are shifting their attention to designing the content of that website. In fine, there should be a perfect balance of content and the designing concept so that a website appears visually appealing and informative to the visitors.
  • Sparing Use of 3D Effects
    By using drop-shadows and embossing option in photoshop, 3D effects can be generated which will definitely make a website arresting. Fade effects and reflections are used extensively by a number of modern web designers but they should be used sparingly, so that these effects should not be over-shadowed by other effects.
  • Sober Background Colors
    Soft and sober color should be chosen as background color otherwise, it could divert the attention of the readers from the main area. Strong color should be shunned as much as possible. One can add a stylist background instead that will definitely increase the attraction of a website.
  • Cute Icons
    Cute icons or buttons can be used in a website for investing it with a modern look but too many attractive elements should not be used in a website. It will lead to a clumsy appearance if it is not treated carefully.
  • Give Importance To Whitespace
    A website stuffed with huge content and too many images become a clutter. In order to bring freshness in a website, it should have plenty of whitespaces. White spaces helps other parts of website to get prominence and therefore helps users to identify objects without much effort.
  • Use of Large Text
    Try to use large text whenever necessary but the rest of text should be of small sized or standard size. Use of large text will enable visitors to figure out what is important and what is not.
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