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17 Apr / 2009 455 views

Designing Tips for E Commerce Websites

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An e commerce site has a specific purpose. It is designed to create a platform for online purchase. A web designer thus has to keep in mind a number of online selling principles while designing an e commerce site. Web design of e commerce sites demands some special attention from sites of other categories. It may sound easier to set up a site to sell products online without going into the hassles of buying a commercial space for business. But in reality it is much more difficult task to sell products online.

A website designer aims at making an Ecommerce site attractive and welcoming to the online visitors. The sites need to be very organized and well maintained. Use of right colors is also important for Ecommerce web design.

An e commerce site should follow some basic selling principles in order to be successful in the online medium. They are as follows:

  • An e commerce site should be easy to use for the visitors and buyers.
  • The website should offer ample amount of relevant information on the products. Some information about the owner of the site should also be provided.
  • The e commerce site should aim at offering pleasant shopping experience to the buyers.

For an e commerce site, not only the selling principles but also a lot of other things is to be kept in mind. It is a big challenge for a web designer to set up an online shopping site where he simply converts the traditional marketing techniques for the virtual business platform.

An e commerce site is designed to attract as many visitors possible to make online purchase. But for this your prospective buyers have to find your site on the vast world of web.

Search engine optimization is very much required for this purpose. Research on keywords and key phrases are required to achieve good ranking for your site. The keywords should be relevant with the core products sold through the site. Once the site makes a satisfactory customer base, it can be also optimized for several other related keywords.

Designing the layout of an e commerce site is another important thing. A tactful e commerce site designer knows how to draw the attention of the viewers to the right place of the web page.

A good E commerce web design will allow easy maneuvering on the site. The visitor should reach the right product he is looking for at just one or two clicks. Besides guiding the visitors with product information, frequent options should be kept to reach the order form. A shopping cart is to be added to an e commerce site, which requires ample knowledge of programming.

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WebGuru Infosystems

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