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Designing Tips for Fast Loading Sites

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Time saving is one of the prime concerns of today’s fast paced life. Even an online visitor will not like waiting for long only to find that the site will take ample time to load. A site may be resourceful and highly relevant according to the user’s search criteria, but a person may tend to get impatient with a slow loading site and would prefer moving to the next search result.

Tips to Reduce Site Loading Time

But there are ways how a designer can tactfully lessen the loading time of a site. Since time is very precious, a web page should not make a visitor wait for long only to view it.

  • Use of Animated GIFs: Excessive use of animated GIFs can slow down loading of a site. If it is essential to incorporate such image files then it is better to reduce their usage. If possible it is better not to use the animated GIFs in website design.
  • Use of CSS Styles: It is advisable to use CSS styles for designing websites. Since simple HTML codes are used in CSS styles, a website will take less time to load. A designer can also add cool and trendy effects to texts with CSS styles.
  • Use of Flash: Use of Flash animations slow down a site. It may add to the visual attractiveness of a site and at the same time it can cause irritation to a visitor. Either abstain from its use or limited use should be made in web design.
  • Use of Images: Use of minimal images will make a site load faster and easier than the one crumbled with numerous images. But a website designed without any images will make it dull and boring. Use of image is essential to add variety and color to a site. But too much use can make the site slow down.
  • Use of Tables: In website design, tables can be used to create menus. This can be used as substitute to using images as icons. Creative use of tables in web design can give a site a great appearance. Use of tables will also make a site to load faster than other sites.
  • Use of Bulky Image: If adding numerous images to a site becomes necessary then it is better not to use images in bulk. In such cases, you can reduce the file size of the images before adding to the site. Thumbnail views of large images can be created which will have link to the larger photos. This will give the viewers an option whether to wait to view an image or just have their snap shots.

When a website has been designed, the web designer can keep observing the pages. Then he will have a fair idea about the loading time of the web pages. Keeping a regular check on his designed pages will help him to improve his work.

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