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23 Jun / 2009 594 views

Enhancing the Effectiveness of Web Designs with Useful Tips

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The online visitors tend to explore only the first few websites on the search engine result pages (SERP). To survive the tough competition a website needs to take up different strategies. Having an effective website design is one of the important key factors behind a successful website.

Let’s discuss some of the essential points that will help in designing successful sites:

  • Planning the Site: Before launching your site make sure to properly plan it. It is a wise decision to strategically work on your site and deciding its purposes before investing a huge amount on it.
  • Use of Colors: When selecting colors for web design take care to choose the most appropriate ones that suit the theme of your site. Use bright or soothing colors that will attract and invite your site visitors.
  • Information: When you add information to your site, make sure to add relevant information. Try to be comprehensive yet resourceful. An online reader may not appreciate too much of irrelevant write up rather he would prefer to the point information.
  • Slogan: When you advertise your products/services via online media, make sure to use catchy slogans. This will help in the selling factor of your products/services. Also be careful not to use a slogan that has been already used by somebody else.
  • Photos: Adding relevant photos always makes a site more attractive than a text based site. You can add different photos and graphics on the site. You can use your logo and place colorful banners on the web pages.
  • Marketing Strategies: Modern marketing strategies believe in familiarizing your brand name and logo to the target market. It is very necessary to advertise yourself where people can easily see them. You can list your products/services by using different online directories and use the web space to place your strategic ads.

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WebGuru Infosystems

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