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How to Design a Good Membership Website?

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Websites are indeed the most reliable tools of acquiring information. It advertises products and services of an organization and conveys promotional messages to the prospective clients. While designing a website one of the most important things that need to be considered is the user friendliness of the site. The site should be interactive and should help the users to easily get what they are searching in a particular web page.

Some of the ways following which an effective membership site can be developed are mentioned below:

Traditional Membership Web Design

In a traditional website, members have to log into the site to access it. Usually, for signing into such a website membership site or software is used. While using this type of a site three things need to be considered.

  • Identification of Login Area– Make sure that you have a log in link at the top as well as at the bottom of each of the web pages. Added to this, there should be a login box on the landing page. By incorporating all those staff you can make your members happy.
  • Limit your Website to 2-Columns– Always remember that people visit websites for acquiring their desired information. So, keep your site navigable and help your visitors to find out the things they are searching. Usually, in order to serve this purpose navigation bar is placed on the right or on the left side of the web page, whereas, the content should be viewed at the central area of the page.
  • FAQ Link should remain clearly Visible– if FAQ links can be placed on all the web pages, you will be able to eliminate loads and loads of questions of the customers before they actually get to you.
  • Bonus Tip– Your website should also have a search function; it enables people to find out what they are looking for. Otherwise, it will become frustrating if you are unable to get a solution for your problem.

Automatic Content Membership Sites

These websites are much easier to operate as here you can use an auto responder for sending the content automatically. Most of the people like this type of sites as auto responder perform most of the work and they do not have to think about third party scripts or software.

The most-suited website design for an automatic content membership websites is a minisite or simple one-page sales letter. It is observed that once someone signs up for membership they are immediately directed to the auto responder signup page. Thereafter, without touching your website, you need to upload the content to the auto responder.

These sites no doubt take less time to set up and the developers do not need to learn any script or software. According to a survey report, membership websites are more profitable than the traditional ones. They can also be operated easily.

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