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How To Get More Clients During Tough Time

  • 24 May / 2011

To get your web design business going, you need to have a steady source of income or at least a regular flow of business inquires. It feels great to work with good clients who appreciate your effort and give you good return. So at the end of the month, you are assured of a fat check and you see your business reaching new height of success. But what if some of your most trusted clients stopped giving you works all of a sudden? Are you ready to face that situation? Staring blanking at your inbox hoping to get some inquiries would not make any difference. You need to get your business up and running so you have to roll up the sleeves and get the job done.

Do not panic at the sight of losing another client. Stay clam instead. Yes, it is easier said than done especially when your financial stability is at stake. Projects are there and all you need to need to find them out. Let’s start with a basic to-do list to get some clients now:

Google AdWords: If you don’t know bean about how to market your product to your prospective clients, this is something for you. Google AdWords is your best bet as it helps you reach out to your targeted audience without wasting your time much. Running a campaign in Google Adwords may or may not need professional exposure depending on how smart you are. The good thing about Google’s PPC advertising campaign is that you will pay only when your advert is clicked. It is easy and probably the fastest way to get some business enquiries.

Tie A Knot: As a business owner, you have to face two problems – not having enough projects in hand or having excessive projects. Now, how you are going to solve this riddle. It is tough since you cannot rely on a hire and fire policy unless you want to ruin your reputation. Now, if you can tie up with another firm, you can fix this problem for once and all. All you need to do is to find out a reliable business partner and hopefully, you would not have to run out of projects anymore.

Act Locally: – Think globally, act locally is the call of the hour. When you are not getting enough business from bidding websites, you should turn your attention to local market. However, you may have to compromise a little bit on the pricing. Give ads in local newspaper, magazines and hopefully, you will be able to get some business queries. Opportunities are there; all you need to do is to tap them in time.

Offer Something More: – When you are running short on project, you can always try to make your existing clients aware of your availability. If they are happy with your work, they may send you some extra projects and your problem may get resolved. However, you should always return their favor by offering some occasional discounts. However, you should not stop your quest for getting some new clients. Keep exploring opportunities.

Try Job Board: Though popular bidding websites are increasingly getting filled with low cost projects, writing off these bidding websites is not an option anymore. You can check some projects in Craigslist for a short term basis and the rates are quite fair.

Try Different Advertising Platforms: AdWords is, without a shred of doubt, the most potent advertising platform but the world of advertising does not begin and end with it. There are over hundreds, probably thousands of advertising platforms available and some of them may help you get some quick return. If you want to narrow down on targeted audience, you can do so by advertising on LinkedIn’s advertising network which is solely dedicated to B2B marketing.

Clients Begot Clients: Yes, if you make your clients happy and satisfied, you can ask them to recommend you to their colleagues and friends and you may get some good contacts.

Give these tips a shot and hope you will soon get some good clients on board. And good luck.

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