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12 Mar / 2009 3,891 views

How to Make A User-Friendly Website

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In today’s era of online marketing, a website plays a vital role in promoting an organization’s goods and services. It informs the readers about the newly-launched products and persuades them to purchase those goods. Since websites are considered to be the most effective tools for marketing and advertising, they should be made user-friendly. In order to do so, certain things have to be kept in mind.

Tips for Making A User-Friendly Website Design

Some of the tips, following which, one can make a website user-friendly are mentioned below:

    • Online visitors must know which page of the website they are viewing

For this purpose the search engine optimizers must insert the title of the page in the navigation area. However, in the homepage there is no need to title the page as “homepage”, rather it can be titled as “About Us”. Since, in most of the times, each of the web pages conveys separate ideas to the readers, they should be given separate titles. It also enables the readers to understand which page they are viewing.

    • Proper navigation is indeed the primary requirement for making a website user-friendly

If there are 5 main pages in the site, there should be 5 links in the area of navigation, with the exact titles that can be seen on the pages. Keeping this in mind, the titles should be made shorter.

    • Text color and background color also play a very important role in making the website user-friendly

It is always advisable to use eye-soothing colors in a website, otherwise people will not feel-like reading it. Extremely bright colors or extremely dull colors should always be avoided.

    • It is always better to avoid inserting big pictures in a site

This is because, websites with large images, take longer time to get loaded. Too many images also slow down the web page loading procedure and as a result, most of the readers leave the site, before the pictures complete downloading. To avoid this problem, thumbnails can be created, so that the online visitors can choose only those images they want to see.

    • Importance of Readers’ Opinion in a web development

Always ask for other’s opinion, to make them feel that they are also a part of this website. Moreover, there is no doubt in the fact that the readers’ comments and feedback encourage the website developers to improve the quality of a site.

Thus by ensuring easy readability, performing multiple number of tests and fast downloading, one can make a site user-friendly to the readers.

As the days passing by, more and more website designing companies are being founded. However, among them, WebGuru Infosystems is a prominent one. It is an India-based web design company that have acquired world-wide popularity for developing user-friendly websites. We not only create and maintain user-friendly sites, but also keeps our rates reasonable. So, if you are planning to launch an effective website for your organization, this is the company you should contact.

WebGuru Infosystems

WebGuru Infosystems

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