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07 Jul / 2009 769 views

How to Plan a Web Design Strategy for Search Engine Marketing?

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A nicely designed corporate website has a lot to offer to the business owners. So while planning for a website design, one needs to concentrate on its page layout, color combination as well as flash animations.

It is observed that if your website’s overall design is visually appealing, there remains a possibility to get positive response from the search engines. Sometimes, technologies like JavaScript and Cascading Style Scripts can enhance the search engine’s ability to spider your site. Moreover, if you succeed to adopt effective navigation scheme, you can also expect that your website will get good ranking in the search engine result page.

However, it should be kept in mind that only by getting good position in the Google results, you couldn’t succeed in your mission. In order to enhance the profit amount of your organization you need to convert the visitors into buyers and for this purpose proper architecture and design strategy should be adopted. Thus you can ensure that your website will address the requirements of the visitors as well as the search engines.

Navigation is the Key Element

There is no doubt in the fact that success of a website design is very much dependent on the navigation scheme. It is seen that use of buttons made a site more user friendly than a pull-down menus. In fact old hypertext links are even friendlier than the buttons.

Directory Setups

Usually pages near the root directory are considered to be the most important pages of your website. So by placing the web pages near the root you are informing the search engines your strengths, focus and priorities. Few years back also people have a notion that search bots are not able to crawl down than third subdirectory. But now it has proved to be a false idea. However, it is still recommended that you put your most important pages in the root directory.

Web Page Categories

Since there are different types of pages, search engine marketing oriented web strategies should consider all of them. Some of the remarkable web page types include home page, gallery page, product page, advertising page, search page, media page, shopping cart page, services page and form page. Since all of them contain different types of information, different approach should be adopted to design and optimize those pages.

File Names, URL’s and Directories

It is seen that URL without the subdirectory is more memorable. Added to this, it should be kept in mind that keyword-rich title tags are more advantageous than keyword-rich URL’s. So, keep the URL name simple and make it legible to the readers.

Layout, Feel and Look

Different layout strategies are adopted for designing different types of web pages. However, consistency should be maintained all through the design. The web design strategy must allow sufficient creativity and flexibility.

Thus, by strictly following those points, web developers of a standard web development company can design an effective website.

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