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HTML 5, New Kid on the Block vs. Veteran Flash

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HTML 5 has clearly had a supernova effect on the web, but like black holes left after star bursts, Flash is the unavoidable truth of the Internet. Flash is here, doing well and will be so for quite some time in future.

Flash Designs have been around for many years now, best used to make attention-grabbing and dynamic website designs, and abused to create irritating, over-the-top advertisements that hijack our screens during website visits. However, where presentation is concerned, none does it quite like Flash.

Flash experience is wholly entertaining and captivating. One doesn’t have to be a web designer to appreciate the intricacies of Flash designs, nor a naïve web user to gawk at what Flash(es) on screen. For anyone who enjoys active interaction, Flash still offers enough to look forward to.

But change is constant, isn’t it? And so enter HTML 5, the newest addition to the web family.

HTML is the web’s lingua franca and anyone even slightly involved in producing web content, or blogging, should be fluent in HTML. Frankly, if you do not know HTML, you simply don’t belong to the Internet. And, where HTML 5 is concerned, it’ll certainly be easy on you if you already know HTML.

HTML 5 is quite the celebrity of the moment. The current favourite of the Internet, many web designers are making the switch from Flash to HTML 5. For designers, HTML 5 is easy to work on and code with. It is extremely user-friendly too.

Thus, if HTML 5 gives you a dynamic scripting option that makes navigation through pages easy, I don’t see why you can’t leverage on that. However, when it comes to creating truly beautiful websites, Flash outweighs HTML 5. Sure, HTML 5 will be fun, but Adobe Flash isn’t going anywhere yet.

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