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HTML5 and Flash: Are They At Loggerhead?

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Keep your fingers crossed, as the much-publicized clash between HTML5 and Flash is supposed to take place at any point of time. However, have you have thought why they need to fight it out? Do they really need to lock their horns to secure their place in changing topography of website design industry? Contrary to the popular belief and much to the disappointment of some over enthusiasts, we would like to say that HTML5 is not going to oust or outclass Flash. And here are the reasons why they should not be at loggerhead this time around:

With the introduction of HTML5, the entire web design industry is perching precariously on the verge of a major upheaval. HTML5 is likely to become a game changer in website design industry by unleashing the power of its innumerable advantages. If it continues to grow at this rate, some of the widely known and popular Rich Internet Application (RIA) technologies might run the risk of becoming obsolete. It is posing serious threat to Sun JavaFX, Microsoft Silverlight and even to Adobe Flash etc.

HTML5 and Its Promises:
HTML5 promises to provide a slew of features that most of us have not experienced before. It will allow users to draw on a webpage and to do some other cool things that were far-fetched concepts just a few months ago. Websites developed in HTML5 will be more featured rich, interactive and users-friendly. It will act more or less like a local storage or Canvass and therefore, visitors will experience an engaging experience.

Here are some of unique features of HTML5:

  • HTML5 will make browsing experience a bit more interesting and engaging. It is going to blur the difference between desktop apps and online apps.
  • HTML5 is going to offer similar level of functionalities that are usually offered by Adobe Flash, Silverlight etc. It also poses a threat to JavaFX.
  • HTML5 will make a website compatible with different browsers and platforms and that means there will be no need to develop different versions of a website for different platform. This is certainly a remarkable advancement.

But despite these amazing advantages, the impacts of HTML5 are less likely to be felt outside the web industry. There is no iota of doubt that HTML5 will rule web industry but the clash between HTML5 and Flash is less likely to occur, since Flash is slowly and imperceptibly making its foray into corporate sector.

Flash’s Place
What is all the more interesting about Flash is that its popularity is getting increased in corporate world, more particularly, in training, learning and rich media application. Furthermore, usage of flash is getting increased in different mobile platforms as it is offering developers a chance to add more features in it and to make browsing in mobile a different experience altogether.

Integration of ActionScripts 3 has brought incredible improvements in the overall functionality and structure of an application that are unlikely to be found in any other applications. Flash offers a higher level of consistency and compatibility across different platforms that are even rare with HTML5.

Use of flash has largely been limited in the field of web industry. But when it comes to mobile platform, Flash is outsmarting its competitors by punching above its weights.

As long as HTML5 and Flash are trying to reinforce their positions in their respective fields, there will be fewer chances of getting into trouble or into a fight.

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