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Impact of Graphic Compression On Website Design

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Different browsers, in most of the cases, display a webpage in a slight different way for adding a distinctive note in their wide array of features. If this is not enough, the display of a webpage in a Mac PC is drastically different from that of the display of a common PC. Images that are displayed in a Mac PC are far brighter and better than the images shown in a common PC. This plays a pivotal role in the overall appearance of images. Not only does the brightness, the size of pixel is also different. A common PC with a resolution of 640×480 usually has 96 pixels per inch whereas in Mac it is just 72 pixels. Therefore, we need to find out a tangible solution for overcoming these differences as far as possible otherwise the basic purpose of website design would remain unfulfilled.

Compressing the Graphics
Compression of graphic can solve this issue to some extent and this can come in handy as well. More often than not, you will find an option under the title of “Save For Web” in the graphic program. Just try it because this will automatically optimize an image for the web. This “Save for Web” option is unique in its own way because this will allow you to get a glimpse of the actual result before saving it. If you are working in PhotoShop, you find out a nifty little option known as “slider” that will let you to save image in different quality based on your requirements. The size of image changes with the changes in the quality of an image and therefore you need to treat this issue carefully.

Choose The Best Graphic Format
Apart from selecting “Save For Web” option, you can compress the size of the graphics without compromising with its quality. GIF and JEPG are the two most popular graphic formats that are widely used in Internet for this purpose. So lets check out their advantages and disadvantages in this respect:

GIF Image Format
By saving an image in this format, one can compress the size the image without loosing a single detail. However, the compression of a GIF image is mostly dependent on the number of repetition in an image. This is the reason why most of the people prefer JEPG images to GIF images unless there is an animation in it.

JEPG Image Format
JEPG is the best image format out there, which allows users to compress the size of different images without making any major changes in its overall appearance. The insignificant parts of an image get less attention in this image format and these parts can be thrown away altogether depending on how much you want to compress an image.

These are some of the tips that we should give proper attention in order to ensure a standard display of a website irrespective of the browsers issues.

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