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26 Mar / 2009 505 views

Importance of a Site Map in a Website

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Site map is basically a catalog that includes all sections of a website. In most of the time, small descriptions of every section is also inserted in a site map. This makes the visitors’ search easier and help them to find their needed information within a fraction of second. It is also seen that a site map can raise a site’s position in the search systems.

Important Elements in a Site Map

Some of the important elements that a site map should contain are mentioned below:

  • A site map is considered to be a standard navigation panel, where, links of all other pages are inserted. In the true sense, an effective site map makes all the pages of a website accessible to the online visitors.
  • It is seen that in most of the time, a good site map lead to site nodes and give a site higher priority while searching the system.

Site Map Making Tips

Some of the tips, following which, a site map can be designed are as follows:

  • The site map should go with your website design.
  • There is no need to insert graphic elements in a site map. Ideally, a site map should look similar in all the web browsers.
  • It is desirable that the structure of a site map should have a correlation with the hierarchy of a website itself. While structuring a site map, the designer can always insert lists and headers. However, using tables should be avoided.
  • It is always better to include the site map’s link on the first or main page of your website. This allows the readers to access the site map as and when required.

Thus by keeping all those points in mind, the the web designers can structure an effective site map.

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