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Importance of Clean Markup In Web Design

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The waves of change in the sphere of website design has had huge impacts on this industry. As website design industry is all set to embrace new changes and challenges of the upcoming era, it has become a bare necessity for website designers to give more importance as well as attention to flexibility and clean markup than ever before. A website that has the potential to grow with the changing pattern of waves can act as a powerful tool in the growth of a business rather than a website, which is rigid in its form.

Clean Markup: What is it all about?
Clean Markup is term that is widely used for denoting a clutter free interface where tags and structures are judiciously interposed to achieve the intended purpose without making things complex unnecessarily. By the term Clutter-free HTML, we want to emphasis on the minimal use of tags and the elimination of erroneous codes or junk codes. Needless repetition in the CSS and inline CSS have to be avoided at any cost. Classes have to be re-used in the CSS whenever possible. Make sure that the webpage is 100% valid and it is compliant with the W3C standards. Try to find out the existing mistakes in it and fix them whenever possible.

The Challenges Ahead: – Now, it is quite clear that building a website with prevalent web standard will help you a lot to save your time and money when there will a need to migrate to a new technology. This will be a much easier task since you will not have to introduce an overhaul change in the structure of your website. For examples, we have had a great time with different versions of HTML for quite sometime and now when HTML5 is going introduce a major change in web industry, we are keeping our finger crossed.

Upsides and Downsides: Browsers as expected are nearly prepared to offer full support to HTML5 but Internet Explorer, again as expected, is ill equipped. If in near future HTML5 flourish, and there are good reasons to get flourished, IE might lose all its credibility. The same rule is applicable to your web presence. If you still have the same website filled with junk codes, meaningless use of tables and hosts of other technical issues, you might find it overwhelmingly difficult to put rein on success. Your web presence will eventually dwindle as a direct result of this issue.

Why You Should Care For Clean Markup: Simply because there is no other option in your hand. When you have to deal with a garbage website (sorry for the strong word) and have to meet deadlines then only you will realize the importance of having a clean markup. However, it is not a copy and paste job and as it is distinctly different from the I –Copy-You-and-You-Copy-Me school of thoughts, it might take some time but we can assure you that the final outcome will be highly impressive. One more reasons why you should opt for clean markup is that search engines never give two hoots to a website that is compliant with the web standard.

Clean Markup Tips

  • Validate your HTML, CSS and XML and try to fix as many errors as possible.
  • Do not use extraneous and tags.
  • WYSIWYG generated code should be checked meticulously.
  • Use meaningful terms while naming CSS classes and IDs.

By following these tips, you can make your website an asset of your organization and not a liability.

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