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Importance of Footers in Web Design

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A footer is considered to be one of the most important elements in a web design. It usually gives a summary form of the entire site content. In some of the websites, footer texts are not inserted, but, in the true sense, it is not desirable. We should always give our users the access to whatever they are expecting next and do not force them to scroll backward.

Most Important Elements in a Footer

While creating a footer, we must make sure that it will have the following elements:

  • In footers main navigation should be repeated.
  • Footers should contain site explanation in brief. In a footer, one should always mention the main services and the main page links of the organization.
  • Contact information (phone number, email ID, address) should also be given in a footer.
  • Logo should be given in the footer.
  • Disclaimer, copyright, privacy etc links are also found in a footer.

Extra Elements in a Footer

In future, other than the above-mentioned sections some other things can also be added in a footer. These elements are mentioned below:

  • While upgrading the website, blog post headlines or other fresh content should be added in the footer.
  • Links, icons and social profiles can also be added in the footer.
  • In a footer, a full-size site map can be incorporated.
  • Integrated review reports can be inserted in the footer.

These are some of the things that need to be inserted in a footer. There is no doubt in the fact that footer is an integral part of a website. So, while creating a footer, one needs to be taken care of the above-mentioned sections. If you don’t have a sound technical understanding, it can be tricky for you to create a footer for your site. If you want to focus solely on your business, consider engaging professional website design services. The experts will design your website with each element put in the right place so you need not worry about a thing!

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