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01 Jun / 2010 316 views

Simple Website Design Strategy to Engage Your Visitors

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A new website aims to engage its readers long enough to sell their products to them. Thus engaging the readers becomes the foremost concern of all websites. Here comes the need to have a strategy by which content can be optimized in such a way that appeals to the reader and ensures that they return and also to spread the word about the website. Thus, it is extremely important to adopt an approach to website design that would tend to incorporate content, status, personality and usability.

Importance Of Content: – Content is probably the most important key to a successful website that would bring in more readers and increase the credibility to the website. The content of a website should be such, that it can be updated on a regular basis, so that the reader knows that the content is fresh and active. Moreover, the content that is generated should cater to the audience that it is targeted. Anything that is written should add a special value for the readers. It would be informative but at the same time it should be interesting enough ti engage the reader to read the entire content. The content should be brief and should be such that it can be comprehended by one and all and this will bring more readers to the page. The readers should feel that the services offered by the website are solely tailor-made for them, thus making them feel important and valued.

Try Different Strategies: – Different website has different strategies to engage the readers. Some offer services like gaming applications or “virtual status” or have website feedback segments to encourage activity among readers and ensure return visit. While it is important add applications to hook the reader to the website often too many of these distracts the reader.

A Personalize Experience: – Another way to hook the reader to your website is to offer “exclusivity” to the readers. The readers are propelled by exclusive content, or access or features that will contribute significantly to the website engagement.

Personalized pictures, or interactive interfaces enables the reader to formal personal connections and it almost propagates trust. This in turn creates a bank of loyal customers.

While these may be the keys to have a successful website design, there are other factors, which are equally important. The website should reflect the personality and temperament of the owner. This gives the website a personalized touch and engages the readers.

Simple Navigation: – A good website should be such that it enables the reader to navigate through it easily. A complex website design often deflects the reader’s attention. Thus, trials should be conducted to ensure that the website is user friendly.

These factors should be kept in mind while formulating the content and design of the website. These then it increases its chances to be noticed and be most viewed.

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