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Some Important Principles of Web Designing

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An unwelcoming and unprofessional website design is not preferred by the viewers. You need a properly designed and user friendly site to attract your site viewers. An easily navigable site is very much user friendly and visitors can easily maneuver from one web page to other. Attractive colors and designs should be applied to make it visually appealing.

Some Principles of Designing Your Website

Here are some of the basic principles that can be followed to design your site:

Use of color for text is very important. The appearance of the text in your website is crucial. Viewers prefer those web contents that are easy to read and access.

One should also be careful about choosing the font style and the size of the font for web content. It is advisable that not more than three styles and three sizes of font should be used for a site. It is even better if less than three styles are used on a site.

It is better to avoid too much of scrolling on a single page of the site. It becomes problematic for the readers to scroll on and on to read a simple piece of information.

Choosing the background color for your site is also important. The color can be bright or soothing so as to attract the online visitors. But the color should not be so bright or striking that it causes viewers’ irritation.

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WebGuru Infosystems

WebGuru Infosystems

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