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Speed Up Your Website With 5 Simple Tips

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Have you ever chanced upon a website that tests your patience? No matter how informative or unique a website is, you need it to get loaded as fast as it could. Busy person as you are, you do not have much time in hand to wait minutes after minutes to draw out information from a single website. So, what’s next? Like the rest of other visitors, you will be forced to bounce back from that website. This seems logical and natural too. But what if your website suffers the same fate because of poor loading speed. You simply cannot afford to lose your visitors. So, the best thing that you can do to retain your visitors is to speed up your website and this can be done by following some tips that are enlisted here:

Check out some basic tips to give your website’s performance a shot in the arm:

Try External CSS and JS Files: – Do not make you website heavy by cramming it with internal CSS and JavaScript files. You can easily put them into external files and then fetch their function in the main HTML files whenever required. However, it requires advance level of knowledge. By defining everything in the main CSS file, you can help browser render your website in less time as it is well informed of the style rules that are needed to be applied. An added bonus, external JavaScript will allow you make changes in your website in a jiffy.

Resizing Images in HTML: A Big No-No
Do not use HTML attributes (for example img width and height) while resizing images. Rather you should try Photoshop for the same purpose. By resizing and resaving images, you can reduce loading speed of your website significantly.

More Text, Less Images
Images, though an integral part of website design, are useless for SEO. The reasons are obvious, search engines cannot read Images. Therefore, if you want to give your website’s visibility a boost, stop using images unnecessarily. Not only do they increase loading speed, but also they adversely affect visibility of your website. However, if you need to use custom fonts, you can try your luck with CSS @font-face.

Junk Free Coding

Take a look at your website’s source code and you will be in for a surprise. Remove the redundant codes and silly comments as far as possible. Stop usingas CSS comes with similar options.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Speed of a website can get affected if your server is located in a faraway land. Try to have your servers located in different geographical locations to get rid of this problem. However, CDN may cost you a little bit, but given its advantages, you should afford this little extra cost.

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