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11 Jun / 2010 398 views

Take Your Designing Skills To The Next Level with CSS3

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The flexibility and the adaptability of Cascading Style Sheets, better known as CSS, have baffled many a designers in the past. With the launch of its latest version – CSS3, designers are once again keeping their fingers crossed about the upcoming changes that may trigger a furor in the website design industry. CSS3 is coming with a number of amazing features that are all set to redefine the very concept of website design. But you need to how to capitalize its features otherwise; you might find yourself in a complex situation in coming days. Here in this article, we have tried to include some amazing features of CSS3 that you need to remain aware of:

Use of Browser-Specific Properties: – Browser-specific extensions have to be fused seamlessly with the original properties if you want to exploit the advantages of the properties of CSS3. As our existing browsers have not implemented new properties of CSS3 so far, you have no other options in your hands than to fuse these two versions of CSS properties. It is good to employ browser-specific properties and you should try to differentiate them from the standard properties. However, it has a drawback. It can lead to a complete mess-up. Use of browser specific properties means that a website will never appear identical in two different browsers but there is no reason to make them the same.

RGBA And Opacity: – RGBA is an important element of CSS3. Not only does it help to specify the color but it also helps to specify the opacity of elements precisely. However, most browsers do not support this and therefore, you need specify another color before RGBA.

Multi-Column Layout: – Now thanks to CSS3, you will be able to achieve multi-column layouts without using multiple divs for that purpose. It helps browsers to create columns by interpreting different properties and thus giving the texts a newspaper like flow that was unthinkable in the previous version of CSS.

Multiple Backgrounds: – CSS3 comes with a number of properties such as background-clip, background-origin, background-position, background-size, background-repeat, background-image etc that will allow you to use background in multiple layers. By using shorthand code, multiple backgrounds can be added easily.

Word Wrap: – An unobtrusive flow of words can be achieved by using word-wrap property. This property comes with two variants: break-word and normal. By using break-word, you will be able to break words whenever your want or wherever you want. This feature can come in handy to fit words within the given space and can stop it from overflowing. On the other hand, normal value is used whenever you want to break words at certain points.

Text Shadow: – Text shadow is not a new option since it has its existence in CSS2 but the speculation is rife that with the emergence of CSS3, the use of text-shadow will be more pervasive and more appealing like never before. This will help you to add a new dimension in your design. However, you should not compromise with the readability of the website for giving it an elegant finessing touch. Maintain ideal contrast for getting the best outcome.

Therefore, it is evident that CSS3 can help a lot to improve the workflow by allowing its users to use a number of new tags and enhanced properties. So, fasten your seatbelt to experience something different with CSS3.

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