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Timeless Features of Social News Website Design

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If you want to establish your identity in the website design industry, creating a news-based website can be a great idea. Of course, you have to invest great effort and time for creating such a site.

Furthermore, you have to publish news regularly. Since this will be a news-based site, people would expect you to post fresh news everyday. Additionally, you need to pay attention to several issues. These can include-

Useful Content

Over the past few years, various news websites were created. However, only few managed to retain interest of people in the long run. Extensive research will reveal the fact that websites that published high quality content survived. Reddit can be a good example of such a site.

Over the years, Reddit has cut down unnecessary elements, while focusing mainly on high quality content. This has allowed readers to concentrate their attention on stories, without feeling distracted by advertisements.

If you do not feel confident to create a news website, you can opt for services of an independent website designer. Alternatively, you can hire website designer by contacting a design company.


The main purpose of a news website is to gather news from various sources and highlight them in the home page. Now, it may not be always possible to incorporate all sources in the home page. In such a situation, you can opt for pagination.

In simple terms, pagination refers to the procedure of dividing content into separate pages. With pagination, you can incorporate links to other pages in the home page. This way, your readers can access fresh as well as old news.

Additionally, blending the pagination button with the website design is critical. This way, these buttons would appear as part of the site and offer users a smooth experience.

Voting System

Any social news website should possess a voting system. Unfortunately, on several occasions, this voting system interferes with usability of the site. For example, if the site reloads every time an user casts a vote, chances are high that he/she will not have a positive impression of the site.

For best results, choose a voting system that allows users to vote in a hassle-free manner.

Similar to pagination buttons, voting buttons should not interfere with readability of the site.

Discussions and Comments

Visitors love discussing various issues on news website. Therefore, providing users with the opportunity to discuss critical issues and leave comments is important.


Offering users the opportunity to create profiles on your site can be a great idea. This will allow them to highlight the content that they are reading currently. This in turn, indirectly allows the site to widen its exposure.


Groups in a social news website allow users to connect with each other and indulge in meaningful discussions. These activities, in turn, increase awareness about a site.

If you are interested in creating a social news website, paying attention to these issues is critical. Overall, ensure that visitors enjoy reading news on your site in a hassle-free manner.

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