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Tips for a Reader Friendly Web Design

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Most of the online visitors look for information on the websites. The textual content is one of the essential part of a website. A web designer should not only give importance on the look and feel of the site he should also give emphasis on the presentation of the web content. The textual content on the web pages should be easily readable by the users / viewers.

Here are some of the basic guidelines for designing web sites:

  • It is always better to give spacing between lines. It increases readability of the web pages.
  • Contrasting colors for texts and backgrounds are to be used while designing web pages. This makes the pages easy to read.
  • To highlight main information bullet points should be used. This facilitates the readers to get the important information at a glance. It also makes the page look more organized.
  • Use of short paragraphs is always advisable because readers find it easy to read them compared to long and monotonous paragraphs. It is even better if the paragraphs have headings. This makes it more convenient for the readers to find the exact information they are looking for.
  • For every web page the same navigation and link style are to be used. This helps people to get familiarized with the web site and reduces confusion.

Here are some of the points that you should avoid in a web design:

  • It is better not to use images as backgrounds. It can cause difficulty for the readers as the images may make the web page look cluttered.
  • It is advisable not to use the scroll texts or flashing texts. Use of such texts may cause distraction from the web site content.
  • The site should not be completely filled with graphics and texts. Proper use of white space makes the site easy to read for the users.
  • The use of fonts should be carefully done. Users prefer those web pages that are easily readable. So it is better to use simple and not too small fonts.

A well-planned web design makes the site attractive and brings in more visitors. Style and content are the two important parts of web design. A proper balance between the two will surely lead to a successful web design.

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