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Top 10 Vue UI Libraries & Frameworks

  • 23 Sep / 2021
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Ask any web developers and they will tell you that JavaScript is a robust programming language. Its dynamic and event-driven features help in creating excellent UI designs without any hassle. Among various JS frameworks, Vue.js is obtaining great popularity these days due to its wide array of libraries that make web development a cakewalk. Here are the top 10 Vue libraries and frameworks handpicked by the experts of a reputed website development company. Check these out.

Best Vue UI Frameworks and Libraries

1. Quasar

The performance-oriented Vue framework helps in creating dynamic UI design. Quasar has launched almost all the Version-1 elements, plugins, and directives. It has also launched composables that helps the developers learn all about the Quasar API.

This is a one-stop solution for Vue.js UI development. With it, you can write a single code and deploy it in multiple forms of the progressive web app, single page application, server-side rendered app, desktop app, and hybrid mobile app.

The framework follows the Material Design guidelines by Google and comes with easy-to-follow documentation. Along with multiple language packs, unique components, and integrated web practices, it also supports minification and caching. Further, it has an ever-increasing community you can seek assistance from.

2. Vuetify

The beautifully designed UI library utilized material design specifications. Each of its components is modular, responsive, and performant. Vuetify helps in customizing an app with exclusive layouts.

With it, you can make the styles of the components perfect with SAAS libraries. Further, it is compatible with Vue CLI-3 and supports modern-age accessibility instructions and browsers. It has 80+ useful UI elements such as carousels, navigations, and cards.

Vuetify can work with SSR apps, allows code scaffolding, has RTL features. It provides basic templates for Simple HTML, Apache Cordova, PWA, NUXT, A La Carte, Electron, and Webpack.

3. Fish UI

This is a lightweight UI component library toolkit for Vue. It is compatible with modern browser environments and serves Webpack 2.0 and ES2015.

The community hub of the library is proactive in fixing any issue if required. It offers various components incorporating semantic CSS elements such as a menu, tables, buttons, checkbox, tag, radio, card, pagination, etc.

4. Bootstrap Vue

As one of the famous most famous CSS libraries, Bootstrap Vue combines the best of Bootstrap and Vue. With this library, you can build mobile-first, WAI-ARIA accessible web apps.

The simple documentation of Bootstrap Vue makes it easy for the developers to easily comprehend and explore it. It makes front-end app development real quick.

Bootstrap Vue offers 45+ plugins, 1000+ icons, and numerous directives & components.

5. CoreUI

CoreUI is a Vue component library that solely focuses on creating admin templates. It is built using modern tools and frameworks such as SAAS, Bootstrap, and Vue.js. With over 100 components, the framework helps the developers create dashboards and user interfaces for various administrative apps.

The experts of website design services use the library for creating aesthetically pleasing and highly functional dashboards.

6. iView

iView is a popular Vue UI component library that offers a range of beautiful and useful components. You can even create new projects by leveraging the visual tool of iView CLI. The visual tool is used for an offline version of the documentation and component scaffolding.

Further, the iView Admin template helps to create dashboards with several components and features like login/logout page, message centre, breadcrumb and tab navigation, table and form elements, and others.

7. Vue Material Kit

Should you look to speed up your design and development process, Vue Material Kit is the best pick. Comprehensive knowledge of JavaScript, Vue.js, and Vue Router is essential to work with this one.

There are 60 handcrafted components, two customized plugins, and three example pages in this library. Though it is one of the youngest Vue libraries, it has rapidly earned appreciation from the developer community. Since it is based on Material Kit – a UI kit known for turning Bootstrap 4 dashboards into slick-looking material design pages, the library brings immense diversity to web development.

8. Vuesax

The beautiful components of Vuesax help in creating stunning web apps and reflect a distinct brand identity. It integrates and supports some of the elements available for front-end development including VuePress, TypeScript, Babel, and SAAS.

Vuesax has a unique characteristic: it is free from any strict design language. Therefore, you can tailor its accessible components as per your requirement and make the app stand out from the crowd.

9. PrimeVUE

With more than 80 components, PrimeVUE is widely accepted as one of the top Vue UI component libraries. Its range of components includes password forms with sliders, trees, charts, meters, graphs, split buttons, knobs, and others.

It can be integrated with Vuelidate – a form validation library. PrimeVUE moves with existing themes and offers access to a full-fledged visual editor that helps you to customize your own and create an interactive app.

10. Element

Element is a Vue UI component library. It’s not for front-end developers but offers a full UI kit that designers can work with. It is primarily designed for creating desktop UIs. However, it supports some responsive features like creating grids and hiding elements based on window size.

While these are the top 10 Vue libraries and frameworks according to our perception, there are many more out there. We hope that the blog has helped to find the right UI library for your project.

Soumi Bhattacharya

Soumi Bhattacharya

Soumi Bhattacharya is an experienced content developer & keen observer of all things digital. Analyzing the latest trends in technology is her forte.

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