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Use of Dark Colors in Website Design: An Insight and Examples

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‘Colors evoke emotion’. Banking on this fact, it is important that a designer uses the right color palette to attract his targeted audience. An all time challenge for designers, choosing the right color, especially the background one, plays a crucial role in making a website design stand out tall.

Dark backgrounds are a favorite among designers as it not only makes a website look ‘elite’ and ‘unconventional’, but also helps seize visitor’s attention towards the content. Here we bring for you an impressive collection of websites that win the race with its splendid use of dark colors:


Electricurrent: A look at this website and you will agree that ‘black is bright’. Its dark background with excellent graphical presentation makes the website spontaneously elegant and different. The use of white fonts acts as an added bonus that maximizes the brilliance of this site.


Pikaboo: Click on this website and get transported to a different world of creativity where you get to enjoy ‘Brilliance at its best’. Get mesmerized as you browse through this bold frame which comes in a riot of colors. An instant eye catcher, the brilliant use of bright and dark shades becomes the USP of the website which is sure to win hearts.

Take the Walk

Take the Walk: Scroll through this website and understand the saying: ‘colors speak volume’. Explore the effects created by the lethal combination of black and red that adds a new depth to the website. Helping to reach out to the crowd easily, the flickers of white acts as a bonus that is hard to miss.

Eye Candy

Eye Candy: Watch out for the sparkling combination of black and yellow in this website that is sure to have visitor’s take notice. The content section done in yellow and white fonts adds to the visual effect and makes the design a winner in itself.

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