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06 Apr / 2009 439 views

Useful Tips for Making an Effective Homepage

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Homepage is indeed the most important page of a website. This is because, just after opening a site, the visitors come across the homepage. This page basically provides information about the organization and also gives brief idea about its goods and services. In most of the time, it is seen that if the home page is not designed properly or is not informative enough, the readers immediately come out of the site. So, to retain the attention of the online visitors, a site’s homepage should be designed elegantly.

Points to be considered for Homepage Design

Some of the points that should be kept in mind while developing a homepage are mentioned below:

  • Insertion of a Powerful Message in the Homepage– First, make sure who your target audience are and then write the message accordingly. This message should be strong enough to grab the attention of the visitors and should state what you can do for the prospective clients. It is always better to highlight your unique selling point (USP) in the message, so that people can identify your product from rest of the similar products.
  • Emphasis on Clarity– Now-a-days everything is done on net, so a website, especially its homepage should clearly mention the core benefits using the product of your company. In a homepage interactive user interface should be used. The page should always be easily navigable. In order to give emphasis on the services and goods of the organization, relevant pictures can be inserted in the page.
  • Proper Use of Secondary Messaging– This is basically the additional messages that are used for clarifying the primary message. This message should be persuasive enough to encourage the readers to buy something from the product list.
  • Use of Flash to Highlight the Core Message– Often flash animation is used in the homepage. In most of the time it is used for giving emphasis on the core message. Added to this, flash is also used for giving visual appeal to the site. Through content, all the information can be conveyed, but it is always better to support the web page content with the relevant images and flash animation.
  • Design of a Homepage– This page should be designed in such a way so that it can cater to the various needs of the clients. Always keep this in mind that different types of people will visit your website, so the web design should be done according to their diverse needs.

Added to all these factors, in the homepage all the products and services should be mentioned on the top navigation bar. Pull-down menu option should also be made available so that the visitors can check out all the services offered by the organization. Sidebars and interlinking strategy should also be applied for providing easy navigability to the site.

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