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Useful Tips to Give Your Website a Touch of Innovation

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Website designing is not just about knowing how to make a design. It requires a professional blend of creativity and practice. To hone one’s ability to an impressive technical level and improve skills, a designer must learn new and advanced designing techniques. Although most designers strive to create designs that exhibit their distinct individuality, most often they find themselves looking at existing websites for inspiration. In this article, we have discussed brief guidelines that can help you experiment and create designs with out-of-the-box ideas. So, don your best creative cap and add more innovation and uniqueness to your website design by following these ideas:

1. Start clean and fresh
If you want your design to stand out from others, the first rule is to make your design unique and interesting. Make sure that you do not copy design ideas from other websites or bank on unused or recycled designs to save time and effort. Always remember that it is the originality of a design that beats all other factors. Hence, start clean and fresh and you will be surprised to discover how your creative touch can make a website design effective, and successful.

2. Think Different
When designing a website, designers find it difficult to break away from popular designing trends. However, if you wish to create an above-mediocre design, breaking free of the trends is imperative. Challenge your creative skills anew, try thinking differently and come up with original ideas to make your work a success.

3. Creativity over CMS
If you want your creativity to speak more, say no to Content Management Systems. Modern day designers widely use various CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal and Expression Engine to make work faster and easier. Handy and flexible to use, CMS has made it big in the web market, but as a design professional, know that a content management system ultimately hinders a designer’s creativity.

4. Say ‘No’ to Free Website Layouts
When you take up orders for client’s website designing, always remember that they will want something different and innovative from you. Hence, looking up web design galleries to get ‘inspired’ is not a wise option. When you start working on a project with someone else’s ideas in mind, it will invariably affect your creative skills.

However, clients who are not very sure of what they want for their website’s design may provide designers with links to other websites as sample resources. In such cases, refer to sample websites by all means, but make sure to add a bit of your self in the design to provide a quality design solution.

5. Blend of old and new
When designing a website, don’t just depend on a particular set of rules and techniques. Instead, mix and match the old trends with new ones to create a bouquet of something new, attractive and effective.

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