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10 Jul / 2010 124 views

Web Design Algorithms To Make Your Mark In The Virtual World

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Designing a website is simply the best way to showcase your creative impulse and passion since it allows you to get connected to a much larger section of audience which is still unthinkable in any other traditional methods such as exhibiting your works in an Art Museum or something similar to that kind. Moreover, there are options to make changes in a design even after the completion of the project and this is what has given it an edge. This might sound good for the website design industry but the same does not hold true for the website designers since, it ruffles their feathers a lot to make major changes in the structure of the design to make it look all the more interesting and impressive. You know how irksome it is to make changes in the design of a website but iterations have almost become an inseparable part of website design. If this is not enough, they have to deal with some algorithms, not mathematical of course, and that do not give them enough room for  making experiments.

Iterations: Do They Impossible To Avoid?
Well, it seems, there is no way to escape iterations. No matter how efficient or talented you are as a designer, you might find it overwhelmingly difficult to come to term with your clients. Usually, it is the communication gap that leads to umpteen number of modifications and if you fail to put a tap on it, it will sooner or later snowballed into a major crisis that can have detrimental impacts on the creative process. Though it is not that easy to translate the requirements of your clients properly, you need to try your best as far as possible. But the number of iterations can be kept to a minimum by if you can manage to master the art of some simple design algorithms that can prove highly effective in the long run.

Here are some of the common elements of web design algorithms that you need to give utmost attention before proceeding further:

Theme: – Choosing the theme of is certainly one of the few crucial steps that you should give utmost attention. You should take different approaches while designing different websites.

Style: – The style of a design can be bracketed into a specific category. Depending on the style and pattern of a website, you need to bracket a website in any of these categories:

  • Artistic
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Professional
  • Cartoonish

Now if you have to deal with a design project that does not fit in any of these categories, it should be categorized as – “Other”. But first of all, you need to scan the proposed requirements of clients thoroughly before putting it in any of these categories.

Elements: – A wide variety of elements are used in the website design process. As these elements directly correspondence to the theme of a website, you need to be a little bit particular. For example, if you are to design a Tech website, you should not use any element that is not related to it. Make sure that the elements are going to play constructive role and not the other way round.

Take Criticisms In Your Stride: – Be open to constructive criticisms because it will help you to hone your skills. Asks other designers and give attention to their feedbacks.

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