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Web Design and Web Development of a site

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When a website is developed, both the appearance and its usability are kept in mind. The web designers see to it that a site should look good and draw the visitors’ attention. But a site also needs to function well and easy to browse.

When it comes to designing a site, the web designer is assigned with the task of creation and management of web content. He is involved with the look and feel of the site. But a web developer is concerned about the usability of the site.

Sometimes the web designers also have to test the usability of a site. It is a great advantage if they are familiar with graphic design tools. A working knowledge of HTML also helps a web designer to implement his own design in a site.

The programmers are also required to have the working knowledge of HTML. They generally perform the usability testing as they create certain functionality for the sites.

While checking the usability of a site, the following points should be checked:

  • The applications used on the site should work properly
  • The site should load easily
  • The look and feel of the site should cater to its purpose
  • The site should be user friendly
  • The navigation of the site should function well to lead the visitors to the desired pages

The functionality of a website means that all the interactive aspects and web programming languages used to develop the site are working smoothly and it needs to run properly on a web browser or a web server. Java Script is used to create some visual effects on the site. If you want to put some life in the web graphics, then Flash can be used for animating the graphics. There are several other applications used to develop a site. Most of these applications are not visible to human eye. Certain administrative programs, content management and form creation are some among such applications.

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WebGuru Infosystems

WebGuru Infosystems

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