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Why and How we Use CSS in Website Design

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It is one of the primary task for any website design company to first plan up an appropriate way to develop a web page and then to start the actual website design. Often it is found that a page that could be given far more simplicity and decency without complicated coding is coming up jumbled and gaudy before the viewers creating a dull impression. May be the developer had put tremendous effort in developing the page, but the result provides little or no impact before the user. Styling by means of CSS is done basically as per the requirement of the clients. Unnecessary coding may focus the skill of a developer but it becomes totally useless in actual implementation. A website design company should take care of the prime demands of a web page before putting requisite styling by means of CSS.

CSS is developed to give HTML more flexibility in the matter of styling and positioning. The limitations of HTML can be over come by the inclusion of CSS. But HTML is definitely stands as the basement on which the total structure of advanced web page coding stands. As per the requirement of the client, any page should be viewed in the simplest way possible and then required coding by CSS is to be done, if necessary. Nothing can be done without proper planning. So a web developer should make a simple web page using HTML in the first place.

There are certain things that create more and more errors if we go on placing CSS haphazardly.

  • The placement of Ids within a particular span class often makes the coding confusing and erroneous. The ID class is to be placed after the page is designed in basic HTML. Above all, unnecessary span class should be avoided.
  • The positioning by CSS should be included with after a page is developed in HTML. Also, the position and z-indexing is to be done with proper thinking.
  • The external style sheet is to be implemented if required or else the web page development becomes quite clumsy. The Ids should be used with accuracy otherwise lots of errors arise when the page is uploaded.

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