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18 Sep / 2010 362 views

5 Lousy Habits That Can Kill Your Website Design Career

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The task of a website designer has never been easy. He needs to be full of creative juice and he should be able to work under extreme pressure no matter what. Certainly, a demanding career but at the same time it is utterly satisfying and probably this is the reason why creative people never shy away from this profession despite extreme workload and challenges. So, you are determined to pursue your career in website design industry but there are some dos and don’ts that you should remain aware of at any cost. Here in this article, we are going to share some practices that can ruin your chance of getting to the top. Lets check out what can hurt your prospects:

Do Not Be Complacent: Complacency can kill your creative impulse. Do not stick to the same old and trusted rule since it can have disastrous impact on your designing career. Do not become self-absorbed and do not think too high of yourself since it begets complacency that will get heavy on your designing skills and ultimately ruin all prospects by maiming your creative flairs.

Try your level best to conquer complacency and start taking initiative to bring freshness in your designing projects by learning more.

Do Not Be Lazy: Lethargy is probably the worst trait of a website designer. If you are grappling with laziness, try to overcome it quick as possible. A lazy designer do not give two hoots to the look of a design rather what he tries  is to do is to finish a project anyway and that often leads to clients dissatisfaction and if it is not heeded properly, it is likely to create major roadblock in the future growth of an organization.

Do Not Delay Work: Once a crazy twitter user reflected:

“Do not keep all ur work for tomorrow, always remember u can also do it day after tomorrow. so enjoy life, be lazy n think crazy”

This may serve the manifesto of the school of lotus-eaters i.e. all those designers who want to shun works at any cost but the same does not hold true for the rest of the others who are a bit serious about their career and their positions.

There are deadlines to be met, clients to be satisfied, paperwork has to be done on time and loads of other stuffs that requires urgent attention and that you cannot put on hold for tomorrow.

Do Not Be a Copy Cat: The easiest way to meet a deadline in website design industry is to open some popular website design portfolio and then browsing some cool sites and then cobbled them up in your next work. It might look awesome and even you can manage to get away with it and if lady-luck favors you, you can get positive feedbacks from your clients. But remember one thing that the same process is now being followed by a sizable section of website designers and therefore by taking such shortcut route, you may run the risk of destroying your creativity.

Do Not Be A Victim of Workaholism: You love to work hard and it sound good but being a workaholic can hurt your career if you are in a highly creative field. Do not push the limits of your creative power; take a power nap when it is needed and recharge your creativity by taking a stroll in the garden. We hope this will definitely work.

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    This article will help a lot to those people who are just at the beginning at their web designing career.Thanks for sharing your view.

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