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Avoid the 5 SEO Mistakes When Creating a Website Title

  • 10 Feb / 2011

To create an effective web presence for your company, there’s more to do than just website designing. With marketing being the main aim of every company, achieving a top rank in search engines make an essential need that allows a website to enjoy more flow of traffic. As you try different methods to ensure a good search engine optimization, know that the webpage title makes for a crucial on-site search engine ranking factor that can help you enjoy maximum benefits.

But there are some common mistakes that can hamper your search engine visibility, if not avoided religiously. Read below to know more about web page titles and its five common SEO pitfalls:

What is Web Page Title?

Mostly found at the top of the browser window, the webpage title is assigned in the tag which falls under the tag of an HTML or XHTML document.

What is Web Page Title?

Five SEO Mistakes of Web Page Title

Now that we have talked about what webpage title exactly means, let’s know the SEO mistakes that you should avoid to ensure an effective result for your company website:

1. Absence of Title

Search for “untitled document” in a search engine and you will be surprised to see numerous numbers of websites popping up. There are many websites that do not use any ‘title tag’ and thus make it difficult for the search engine to find and index your website. Hence to achieve more customer visits, maintain to provide with a good webpage title.

2. Too Short or Too Long Page Titles

To avail maximum benefits of web page title, make complete use of the number of characters a search engine displays. Do not make your page title too short as it tends to limit the potential page in website ranking. Also make sure not to overdo it as long titles confuse visitors.

3. Keyword Cannibalization

Though used by many SEO consultants to achieve a better search engine ranking, it is suggested to avoid stuffing your web page title with too many keywords or irrelevant keywords. Not only an irrelevant web page drives away visitors but it also violates the rules of search engines.

4. Don’t Use Company Name/ Site Name in All Web Pages
Search engines allow only a certain number of characters to be displayed in the webpage title. While many website owners try using their company name or website name in every webpage title, it is not needed unless it’s a search term that you will help optimize your site better.

5. Duplicate Web Page Titles

Avoid using duplicate web page title for your website as it confuses a search engine in determining which page to display.

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