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28 Mar / 2020

Anchor Text: Everything You Should Know

digital marketing services

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Before starting this article, we would like you to perform a quick task: go to Google and search for how to improve SEO efforts. You will find link building as one of the crucial factors for SEO in all of the articles. But what you may not find in those articles is that the words you choose for linking (we mean, the anchor text) matter a lot! This article addresses just that! Today, we will discuss everything about anchor text - its types, optimization tips, and so on. But before delvin...
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25 Mar / 2020

How SEO Services Can Deal With Covid-19’s Impact On Search

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The global pandemic of Covid-19 seems to have made an impact (positive or otherwise) to the digital ecosystem. The search for the terms ‘Corona and Covid-19’ has outpaced all other searches. And based on the industry segment, the crisis is causing a ripple effect across all value chains. For example, with people maintaining social distancing as a precautionary measure, the eCommerce stores selling merchandize are witnessing an upward surge to their sales trajectory. So, with similar surges i...
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19 Feb / 2020

How To Select The Best SEO Company – An Infographic

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO has become an important tool to let a website feature high on search results. It helps the website to get better visibility and sales. However, not every SEO company fits the bill to give your business the desired results. Since the world of SEO is dynamic thanks to the changing algorithms of search engines, a company offering SEO services should be aware of such changes and know the ways to adapt. Hence, it is important that businesses looking to increase their...
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05 Feb / 2020

SEO Metrics You Should Start Tracking Right Away

SEO Services

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Now that you’ve put so much effort into modifying your SEO strategy according to the ever-changing SEO trends, you probably want to check whether these efforts and resources are paying off. Rank improvement of your website is not the sole indicator of your success. Your site may have several vanity keywords that are driving traffic to the website and boosting your rank. But what if a large number of viewers are leaving your site thereby increasing the bounce rate and draining your resources...
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21 Jan / 2020

How to Optimize for Featured Snippet and Earn More Traffic

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The featured snippet is the search result that is displayed on top of the first SERP (Search Engine Result Page). The position that a featured snippet occupies is usually known as “position zero”. This is due to the fact that a featured snippet is the top organic result that comes right after the ad. Featured snippet provides the marketers with a fair chance to acquire greater visibility, drive traffic to their site, boost conversion, and thereby beat the competitors. Moz reports that the...
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20 Jan / 2020

SEO Trends 2020: How to Stay Competitive

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Staying relevant and driving organic traffic to the website is not a matter of joke. More so because search engines, like Google, are consistently updating their algorithms to enhance user experience. That’s why it’s crucial to avoid misleading SEO practices recommended by self-proclaimed “experts” and adopt the right SEO strategies. Today, we will discuss some SEO trends that you will witness in 2020. This will help you to modify your existing strategies and stay up-to-date. 1. BERT...
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21 Aug / 2019

What Are The SEO Challenges For Website Developers?

SEO Challenges For Website Developers

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The web has grown to enormous proportions in a relatively short span of time. With everyone from the corporate honcho to that high-school kid next door setting up their websites, the webosphere is certainly on the way to becoming one of the most complex ecosystems on the face of the earth. This has certainly been made possible by the rapid rise in web technologies and the quick adoption and implementation of sound web development techniques by developers. Today, any website development compan...
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12 Aug / 2019

How SEO Best Practices Can Be Misleading

SEO Best Practices Misleading

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In the digital ecosystem, letting your website gain high visibility on Search Engine Result Pages would mean following the best SEO practices. However, such practices can lead to missed opportunities as well as many among them are mere myths rather than having any substance. So, let us understand what these best practices are and how often are they followed like a routine by the global or local SEO services. What are the SEO best practices? These are methodologies that have been generally acce...
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14 Jun / 2019

5 Best Reasons Why You Should Outsource SEO Services

Outsource SEO Services

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The evolving digital trends and the need to be at the top of search results, are the reasons as to why Search Engine Optimization(SEO) has gained momentum in recent years. Even statistics point to the effectiveness of SEO with around 57% of B2B marketers stating the importance of SEO in generating leads over other marketing activities (Source: Needless to say, businesses these days leverage SEO services in India to derive outcomes such as increased traffic, improved brand visibili...
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13 May / 2019

Tried And Tested Methods To Increase Organic Leads Easily

Increase Your Organic Traffic Easily

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You have created a great looking website featuring your products and services, and now, are waiting for a miracle to happen – people to start visiting your website and make sales. However, things do not always go according to plan as thousands of businesses with websites on the World Wide Web have discovered to their dismay. Yes, digital marketing is the way to popularize your website to your target customers and generate leads, but is it enough? You do have the option of implementing PPC a...
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