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Best Google Ads Extensions to Use for PPC Campaigns

Best Google Ads Extensions to Use for PPC Campaigns

If you want to make the most of your PPC efforts and improve Click-Through Rates (CTR), customizing your search ads is a must. Gone are the days when you could expect people to read a long text. Nowadays, PPC advertisements include various add-ons to attract people, convey lots of message in a concise manner, and in turn, increase CTR.

This is when Google Ads extensions come in handy. Google Ads offers numerous extensions – from ratings to callout and more – to enhance engagement in your search adverts.

Google asserts:

“Every type of ad extensions that we offer is intended to benefit our users, which translates to a higher CTR for you. On average, we have found that there is a 15% CTR uplift from implementing a new ad extension”.

Now, the problem is that lots of Google Ads extensions are available out there. It can be overwhelming to select the right one. Adding all the extensions with the hope of an outstanding CTR may drop your quality score. You need to choose the right extensions to impact your CTR.

No worry, we have talked to the experts of digital marketing services to find out a way. Today, we have brought you an extensive list of the best Google Ads extensions to use for your PPC campaigns. Check these out.

Optimize Your PPC Campaigns with the Best Google Ads Extensions

Sitelink Extension

A sitelink extension can show two to six sitelinks per ad. You can add a two-line description to each sitelink. It will take the users directly to the important pages on your website.

Suppose you offer a website hosting service. You can add several landing pages like dedicated hosting plans, VPS hosting plans, contact us, etc., to your sitelink extensions and lead people directly to those pages.
Studies indicate that adding the sitelink extension may increase an ad’s CTR by an average of 8%.

Location Extension

It will allow you to add the physical address of your business to the ad. It is ideal for businesses that have a physical store and want people to visit their store. The location extension is useful as it gives people an idea of the location of the business.

By clicking the address, people will be led to Google Maps to pinpoint the location. It will help them to find out the location of the address easily.

Suppose you own a furniture store and want people to visit your shop. A location extension will be very useful for your business. In fact, it is essential for any business that relies on “near me” search advertising efforts.
On mobile ads, the location extension comes with a Google Maps direction button. Clicking on the button will show the route from the users’ location to the shop.

Location extension has a subset – affiliate location extension. This is ideal for businesses with multiple locations in the same general area, brands that sell products to other retailers, and national retail brands. For instance, a TV brand can list the retailers in an area that stock their products, a car manufacturer can list the locations of their dealerships, and so on.

Call Extensions

Call extensions allow potential consumers to call a business directly. It provides a great opportunity for meaningful engagement with the leads. You can showcase the call extension in a click-to-call format, so people can tap or click the number or button to make a call. This greatly enhances the user experience.

Now, here’s a catch. In pay-per-click, a click costs some bucks. And a “click” to call is the same as a click on the search ad. Therefore, it will cost you some money.

If you don’t want to pay, you can just feature the phone number. Here, the prospects have to dial the number and call.

Promotion Extension

This extension allows businesses to highlight their sale promotions. You can schedule it to automatically turn on or off on specific dates. Suppose you are offering a Black Friday sale. You can feature it in your ad to allure potential customers to purchase. If you have a special landing page for the promotion, you can lead people directly to that landing page through this extension.

Check out the list of the available occasions and dates that Google allows you to add to the promotion extension. You can feature a monetary discount or a percent discount.

Structured Snippets Extension

This extension allows you to highlight various aspects of your products or services. You can add up to two structured snippets per ad. You can feature various structured snippet headers such as types, styles, brands, etc.

Suppose your website sells eyewear. You can use “Styles” structured snippet and add aviator, custom, round, wayfarer, cat eye etc., to the snippet. Again, if you sell TV, you can feature different types of TVs (such as smart TV, LED, 4K HD TV, OLED, QLED, Full HD TV, etc.) under the structured snippet “Types”.

Callout Extension

The experts of PPC services found this is one to be a crucial extension and always recommend using it. Such extensions reflect your USPs and you can highlight the features of your products or services. You can display two to six callouts, depending on the available space. Each callout can comprise 25 characters.

These may include “free shipping”, “24/7 customer service”, “1-day shipping”, “hurry, limited inventory”, etc.
A callout extension instantly grabs people’s attention and asks them to take a step.

Price Extension

Price is a major factor when deciding whether or not to purchase anything.

When people see a text ad on the search results, there’s no guarantee that they are going to check your website and find out the pricing information. On the other hand, a price extension allows the prospects to know the cost of a product and visit your website to check the offering.

Being upfront about price shows your transparency and it may reward you with higher CTR. Google can display up to eight pricing cards.

Suppose you offer a car rental service. You can add a price extension to inform people how much it would cost per day. The price extensions allow you to feature multiple price boxes at the bottom of the ad – it helps the ad to stand out.

App Extension

Do you have a mobile app? This extension can be effective if you want to increase your app downloads. This is shown on mobile searches.

Under the ad of your business, you can display the app with a call-to-action button to install it. When the users click the button, they will be redirected to the app store to install the app.

Wrapping Up

Ad extensions help you to occupy more screen space and increase the chance of users clicking on the ad. You need not add all the extensions we mentioned here, just pick the ones most suitable for your ad.

Add relevant extensions to your search ads and witnessing a higher CTR will be a matter of time! We wish you the best.

Priyanka Agarwal

Priyanka Agarwal

An expert digital marketer with vast knowledge in SEO, SMO, and the like, Priyanka Agarwal writes about the latest trends in digital marketing.

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