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Britney Breaks Twitter Record with A Staggering 5 Million Followers

The queen of pop music is on the news again and this time for all the good reasons. However, reaching new height is not anything new to Pop diva Britney but still; it seems she is relishing this particular achievement. With a whopping 5 million followers, Britney has officially become the queen of twitter. So far this position was relished by Ashton Kutcher but Britney with her sheer glamor coupled with charismatic personality has dethroned him ultimately.

Britney Breaks Twitter Record

Though Britney is not a twitterholic by any yardstick and usually tweets sporadically, she has become the most followed person on Twitter. Her tweets are not witty to be honest and oftentimes, her twitter account is monitored by her manager Adam. But as you know, people loves to follow their idols no matter where they are and this is probably the reason behind the rise of Britney Spears.

An ebullient Britney Spears has thanked her fans for their constant supports and tweeted fervently after donning the crown of Twitter.

This is what Britney has to convey to her aficionados:

“WOW!!!!! #1 on Twitter! Thank you…”

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