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25 Feb / 2019

How To Select The Top SEO Company

Top SEO Company

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With more number of customers moving online to look for information, products or services, businesses want their websites to get high visibility. This has brought into sharp focus the utility of Search Engine Optimization or SEO in letting websites feature high on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). If statistics are to be believed then around 50% of mobile users visit physical stores within one day after doing an online search (Source: Google 2018.) The rush to rank high on SERPs and generat...
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29 Oct / 2018

Steps To Take When Your SEO Strategy Goes Wrong

SEO Strategy

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“Successful SEO is not about tricking Google. It’s about partnering with Google to provide the best search results for Google’s users.” - Phil Frost. In the competitive world of online business where hundreds of websites aim at getting the attention of customers, businesses engage result driven SEO services to realize their goals. However, as any best conceived plan may go wrong, so can be your SEO strategy. You spend hours in brainstorming to strategize and finetune your SEO executio...
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29 Sep / 2016

Transforming Digital Search Using Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

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The web is a vast storehouse of knowledge and with people becoming more and more internet savvy, search engines have become an integral part of our lives. Companies like Google and Microsoft are actively investing in their respective search engines to keep up with the growing demand for information. However the endeavor does not end there. Search engine providers have to improve the search algorithms continuously, add new features and look into further innovations. Over the years, searching on G...
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12 Feb / 2016

Useful Guidelines for Getting Google to Index a New Website Instantly


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Having a well visible website for a start-up business is imperative for ensuring its growth and resultant success. A website plays an important role for shedding a light on your company/services/business. After you set up a website, you need to make people find it over the internet. It is possible through prudent Search Engine Optimization.Search engines are the gateways for information on the highway of internet and Google is the undoubted king of them all. Only by giving a ‘search’ in Goog...
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21 Aug / 2015

5 Secrets of Optimizing Single Page Website

optimizing single page website

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Nowadays, many businesses prefer to go for single page websites as they think it will reduce the cost of development. However, as a usual practice, search engines work great with multiple page websites. There is nothing to worry as reputed search engines recognize single page website for optimization. Now the question is how to optimize a single page website? Go for Pagination Web crawlers are comfortable working with paginated structure, which is related with multi page layout. The re...
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24 Jun / 2015

How To Proceed With Local SEO To Spell Success

local seo vs regular seo

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In the race to stand 1st in local search results, one must use some tactics. It is like playing a chess game. However, many companies have yet to accumulate all their chessman on the board to win the game. Consumers seek out numerous products typically in local brick and mortar stores. If you own such a business, you are lucky if you appear in Google or Bing search result, because Google and Bing are very much bias toward business category names. However, in several instances stores have a...
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03 Jun / 2015

Importance of Citations to the Success of Your Local Business

Citations in Local SEO

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Local Search Engine Optimization addresses this need for citations as its purpose is to increase visibility of your local business in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) within a particular targeted geographic region. The main focus lies on "local intent" and queries having geographically related keywords that return results in Google, Bing or other search engines. Citations can be a quick win as they help customers find your business. Citations impact local search ranking strategies as searc...
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12 May / 2015

3 Local SEO Strategies for a Small Business

local seo for small business

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There is a growing clamor in the web industry about the Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, but there are only a few who have come close to the concept. Despite a myriad sites explaining what SEO is, and why is it important for any business, many entrepreneurs have taken the system for a ride, ignored the basics and thrown their businesses in a state of total disorder. While big companies have the means to rectify what’s gone wrong, small companies find it tough to remedy the damage and reposi...
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27 Apr / 2015

5 Benefits of SEO Services for Small Business

SEO for small business

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In the race of small businesses, you would definitely want to see your venture ahead. You might have thought to consider search engine optimization techniques, but not sure, if it will work for you. When you are starting a new business, you need to reach target audience. Right SEO can feature your website in top search results, which means more prospects can visit your site, and thus your business can boost. However, the important fact is choosing the right techniques and SEO can change your bus...
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08 Aug / 2014

How Responsive Web Design can Benefit SEO

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Smartphones and tablets are ruling the gadget world at the moment with more and more number of people making them a part of their daily lives. This has also led to the growth of responsive web design which is aimed towards making websites work across devices of varying screen sizes. After its inception in the year 2012, responsive web design has taken the world by storm with primary focus on providing the users with a consistent experience throughout different devices. Before this designing appr...
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