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06 Sep / 2009

The Value of Web Development in Online Business

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There is no doubt in the fact that modern men communicate through the World Wide Web. As a result the number of website design companies are growing rapidly, in fact each day new companies are seen to be established at different corners of the world. People who are associated with these types of work are mainly known as web developers. They concentrate on characteristics and quality of the web and provide their clients with standard communication channels. In reality, professional web developer...
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22 Jun / 2009 Programming Vs. Php Programming

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ASP (Active-server-pages) and PHP (Hyper-text-pre-processor) are the 2 standard programming languages that are used for website application development. Other than these, the programming languages are also used for producing dynamic database oriented websites. ASP is usually from Microsoft and can only be used with Internet Information Server. But PHP is an independent programming language and is able to connect with different types of databases. However, there are several differences between P...
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11 Jun / 2009

Striking Features of MySQL Database Programming

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In present times, most of the web developers prefer to use MySQL database system for its flexibility. This system enables a person to speed up constrain queries and input. In the true sense, MySQL programming database helps an organization to acquire its prerequisite business goals. Some of the main features of this PHP programming language are mentioned below: Licensing- MySQL is an open-source system that works under the General Public License (GNU). It is said that one of the key reason...
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08 Jun / 2009

PHP – An Ultimate Solution for Successful Web Development

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Among many Programming languages, PHP has made its own position in web development activities. To a beginner PHP programming language may seem bit complicated and difficult to handle but with some sessions and practice, one will be at ease to work with PHP. Some of the other popular computer languages that are extensively used besides PHP are Java, C and Visual Basic. But among the other computer languages, the web developers hugely prefer PHP programming. It was in 1994 that Rasmus Lerdorf ge...
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28 May / 2009

How to Develop a Website?

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By the term “Website Development” we mean the entire procedure involved in development of a website. For effectively developing a website, one needs to have proper designing and programming skill. Some of the useful tips that a novice web developer should follow are mentioned below: Purpose should be Clear- Before starting work, be sure about the purpose. This is because; if your focus is clear you can be able to represent the business organization successfully. Understand the Requi...
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24 Dec / 2008

Gift Website Design

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In this age of technological advancement, websites play a very important role in our daily life. In the true sense, a website is a storehouse of information and has a profound promotion value. This is why, most of the commercial enterprises are creating their own business websites to increase their clientèle. There are different types of business websites, gift website is one of them. Usually, during the festive season gift websites do very well. They display the gift items and provide the fac...
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