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Community Website Design

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Through community websites, people can use networks to connect with online friends and share their interests and activities by joining different groups and forums. Besides establishing important social relationships, social community websites can also help members to find a job or establish business contacts.

Social community networking has now become an enduring part of everyday life and it is being used regularly by millions of people. The phenomenon of online community was made extremely popular by MySpace.com, and now we have numerous community websites like Facebook, Hi5, Orkut, Tagged, Cyworld etc to name a few. People of all ages and backgrounds have discovered that they can enrich their lives through the contacts they make on a social networking or community website.

How to design a community website?

Community websites are becoming an interesting and influential platform and hence deserve a lot of attention in its design. Since these communities cater to vast traffic, the web design must be done in such a manner that it should be able to attract the attention of all. Professional website designers follow certain basic guidelines while designing a community website. Most of the people surf online for information or entertainment. The web designer must produce unique content and it should be regularly updated. This will ensure repeated visits by the members.

The website may contain links to other related sites – may be some affiliate sites – that the visitors may be interested in. This is done to make the site seem as an authority site, which provides information of other sites as well and secondly, some affiliate sales can be made from the affiliate links.

A community website must incorporate a forum, since it is a great place for like minded people to hang out and it could also be a great platform where visitors will return again and again. But initially the website must ensure a large number of visitors, as a forum cannot take hold with a few number of people. In case we don’t get enough traffic for a forum, the site can offer to share it with other master websites.

People of all backgrounds and age group love to have free gifts. So we can attract many visitors by adding a free section in the community website design. This section may contain e-books, reports and free software. These reports and products may also incorporate some affiliate links inside which will help to make some more money for the website owner.

Why choose WebGuru Infosystems for Community Web Design?

As a reliable website development company in India, We always try to design and deliver the best possible website to our prestigious clientele in a very affordable rate. You can take a look at our portfolio to have a clear vision of our service. Our groups of high-skilled and professional web designers create community websites that cater to the need of visitors from all sections and age group.

We offer better accessibility for screen readers by using alt tags and titles in our design. The site designers do all to help produce sites accessible to the widest possible audience. The sites are built using a completely new platform constructed specifically for high-speed retrieval of web page data. We always try our level best to design community websites which allows for a smoother and faster visitor experience and comparable with any other social networking websites of international standard.

WebGuru Infosystems

WebGuru Infosystems

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