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Corporate Identity – Why Businesses Need It

  • 08 Sep / 2014
Corporate Identity for Business

Building a snazzy building with all the great stuffs may give your business a stylish look but, it still misses something if it doesn’t have a strong corporate identity. Corporate identity is all about giving your business a ‘personality’ as well as defining its identity. The idea is to give it a human touch so that people can easily relate to your business. People want to associate with people and get their work done. That is exactly where corporate identity or personal branding comes in.

Why Corporate Identity is Crucial? Isn’t It Worth to Go by ‘Regular’ Business Branding?

Attaching a personality with your business helps people to easily identify your brand among the crowd. It helps your business a lot when people are well aware of whom they are working with and how they can benefit from the services and/or products offered by you.

The common mistake made by most businesses is that, they try to reach out to everyone and that’s definitely not a successful strategy. A clothing and accessories retailer would have to come up with some different marketing strategy when they want to appeal to people of different age groups. A 21 year old would definitely not fall for an advertising campaign which has been specifically designed to engage entrepreneurs and business professionals. Thus, it becomes necessary to customize your brand so as to appeal to a specific target group. This is exactly where designing an effective corporate identity comes into the picture.

What does Corporate Identity Include?

Corporate identity includes almost everything which helps to create a clear perception about your business as well as what you do. Starting from your logo to social media presence to videos created by you, colors used in your marketing materials and more, everything plays a role on how your brand is perceived by the audience.

Nearly everything about your business within the public domain gives people an idea or impression about your brand thus you need to put in a lot of focus and attention on it.

How Your Business Gets Benefitted from a Strong Corporate Identity

When you have an accurate corporate identity reflecting the values of your business and services, it means that your business will get the right people to work with – people who are good to work with and can actually prove helpful. For example, when the target audience of the clothing and accessories retailer is the teen age group and they take on business professionals as the target, things are obviously not going to go the right way. As business professionals they will look for something which suites their taste and personality. Instead of some funky jeans, t-shirts and cool accessories, they will search for business suits, trousers, etc. that go well with their image.

This is the reason why you need to let people know from the start what you are targeting. Not only the right people will reach your business but, give you the necessary space to work in an efficient and dedicated manner. A strong and distinct corporate identity which appeals to the right audience group will assist you to provide value to them. This is what makes your business. Isn’t it? If you do not offer your customers with the value they are looking for then, your business is surely taking the wrong path.

Raju Chakraborty

Raju Chakraborty

The CEO of WebGuru Infosystems, Mr. Raju Chakraborty writes from a place of experience on websites, app development, and digital marketing.

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