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25 Aug / 2011

Email Newsletter Design: The Secret to Success

Email Newsletter Design: The Secret to Success

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Online promotion has become mandatory for many companies. An email newsletter is a direct medium of communication. It reaches the target audience’s inbox and conveys your message individually. Compared to online banner ads, email newsletters get more attention because we generally read mails we receive in our inboxes. An email newsletter can help you to make people aware of your service and convert a casual visitor into a regular customer. However, to make a newsletter appealing, you should...
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15 Jun / 2009

Using Proper Format of Graphic for Website Design

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In a website design different formats of graphics are used. But using the proper formats can give your site a different edge. A well-planned and properly designed site makes use of the different file formats judiciously. There are quite a few types of graphic design formats that you can use in your designing. Mainly JPEG, GIF and PNG file formats are used. The JPEG images offer compressed file types and provide high quality appearance. The GIF format is one of the oldest graphic formats used fo...
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13 Apr / 2009

Web Graphic Design Tips

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Web graphic designing is a form of art that requires creativity as well as efficiency. The overall look of a website is very much dependent on its graphic design. So, in order to make a site visually appealing, the designing should be done with proper care. Graphic is a very important part of a website design. It is basically the visual presentation of the products and services that are being promoted through the websites. Useful Web Graphic Design Tips In order to make unique and attractive g...
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