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Depression In US: Is it the Impact of Recession

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The bubble has finally busted and it has eventually taken the sheen of US economy, which usually boasts of being the world largest economy. As the fear of economic recession is looming large in the background and the scenario is aggravating day by day, more and more US people are getting depressed, as they are no longer in a position to spend money lavishly. A dramatic change has occurred in US economy, as some of the pillars of US economy are heading towards filing bankruptcy and as some other giant corporate organizations are on a firing spree. Bleak economic scenario have forced many a US people to make rapid changes in their lifestyles, which they are not accustomed to. In fact, in US recession has become synonymous with depression and this is forcing many people to take drastic decision. Check out more form here.

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11 years ago

Our home business was really affected by the Economic recession, we have to cut jobs just to cover up our losses. fortunately, we have already recovered.

Dana Baffa
Dana Baffa
10 years ago

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