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Design Your Website For All Screen Resolution

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In order to fit all resolutions, different website design principles are followed. In most of the time it is seen that sites are designed for only one resolution. Naturally, they look perfect in a particular resolution, but when viewed in other resolution, they look completely different. According to a survey, in recent times, people are switching to higher resolution. So, the designer should develop such a website, that can fit to all resolutions.

Some of the useful tips, following which, the web designer can make a website fitted for all screen resolution are mentioned below:

  • Deciding the Lowest Screen Resolution– A site should be designed keeping in mind the lowest resolution. However, in most of the cases, the websites should fit all resolutions that are equal or higher than 800 x 600.
  • Design the Site on that Particular Resolution– After deciding your lowest screen resolution, start designing the website on the basis of it. The graphics and the images should go properly with the website.
  • Tables should be Measured in Terms of Percentages– One should always keep this in mind that while converting the design to HTML, one should work in terms of percentages rather than on pixels.
  • Cells should be Measured in Terms of Pixels– Within the table, it is always advisable to measure cells in pixels. Except the content cell, provide a fixed measurement to all the cells.
  • Insertion of Content and Images– Usually, in all the corporate websites, logos are inserted. These symbols are incorporated on the top left side, whereas, the navigation buttons come in the left navigation bar or in the top right.
  • Check Your Website in All the Resolutions– In the final stage, test your designed site in all the resolutions, that remains available on the computer. In order to do so, follow the below mentioned steps:
    1. First right click on the desktop and then click on the properties.
    2. Go to tab settings and click on it.
    3. Under the desktop area click and shift the scale to 800 x 600, 1024×768 or even higher than this, if possible.
    4. Just after selecting the resolution, click the test button and check the site.
    5. Lastly, click the apply button.

After following all these steps, your site is finally ready to fit for all resolutions. This is an important step for any static or dynamic website development. Since the number of technical devices is rapidly increasing, you may expect the users to access your website through different types of devices. So, you need to prepare your website for different screen resolutions.

We admit that the steps are complicated for a non-technical person. If you are not sure how to execute it properly, we recommend you to engage professional dynamic website design services. The experts will design your site for all screen resolutions.

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Web Designer
Web Designer
12 years ago

Really Cool Information….! I guess I Discovered Many Information Here

12 years ago

Wish I had visited your website a year ago, when I was struggling with web design and letting my pages display on all screen resolutions…!

I fully agree with your recommendations. In addition, it is lucid too! Best of Luck!

12 years ago

One question,

I have a client who has a specific requirement. He does not want the scroll bar to appear anywhere on the site.

Is it possible do that on all possible screen resolutions? I believe that for lower resolutions the scroll bar will appear no matter what. Even if doesn’t the site wont look good.

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get facebook likes
2 years ago

Good post. I was looking at continuously this web site for impressed! Helpful data particularly the last portion 🙂 I personally take good care of these kinds of information a great deal. I’d been looking for this specified information for a while. Many thanks and greatest of success..

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