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Designing a Printer Friendly Web Page

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Web page designing requires a lot of creativity as well as expertise in the field of web design. Often, to make a website look visually appealing, the designers insert attractive graphic elements in it. Added to this animated objects and flashing blinking images are also incorporated in the websites. But, in most of the time, these elements are not printer-friendly. So, if you are interested to make a website design printer-friendly, avoid using those staff as much as possible.

Tips for Making a Web Page Printer-Friendly

Some of the useful tips following which the designers can make a printer-friendly web page are mentioned below:

  • Use of Colors– Black text on a white background is the perfect combination that very well goes with the printer-friendly page.
  • Changing the font to a Serif Page– Serif fonts are easier to read in printer page. So, it is better to use this font in a web page.
  • Check out the Font Size– You may select small font size for writing web content. But it is always advisable to increase this size before taking a print out of that page.
  • Underline the Links– On a printed page; the links do not remain click able. So in order to make the readers understand that they are links, underline them or you can also color them in blue.
  • Removal of Irrelevant Images– As images are not much printer-friendly, it is better to avoid inserting irrelevant pictures.
  • Removal of Navigation– Side-navigation only makes a page difficult to print. Moreover, if a page is meant for print, navigation is just wastage of ink. So, better avoid it.
  • Remove the Advertisements– Though, without advertisements, no website can remain in business, it is better to use them as less as possible.
  • Including a By-Line– Bye-line helps the readers to quickly find out who has written the content of the site.
  • Including the Original URL– At the bottom of the page, the URL of the original article should be inserted. This helps the readers to get back to the exact page if they need to follow a link.
  • Inclusion of Copyright Notification– It is always better to include a copyright notification in order to remind the users of your rights.

These are some of the simple guidelines to develop a printer-friendly web page for your website.

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